‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers Season 2: Ethan & Olivia Plath At Odds With Kim & Barry Plath!

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‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers have revealed that the Plaths have moved off the farm and into a house not two blocks from Ethan and Olivia’s place. However, Ethan and Olivia (especially Oliva, OMG!) were considered the bad seeds of the bunch, even though they were literally married and living their own lives.

Kim and Barry seemed to think that their oldest son and his lady love had been given over to the evil spirit of Coca-Cola now that they were partaking in things like TV and sugar. In fact they didn’t even want the younger Plaths around them to keep them from their ‘deadly influence’. So why would they move literally two blocks from them?

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Plathville Sneak Peek

Just an observation here but I think Mama and Daddy Plath are having trouble letting go of their oldest son. Perhaps they want to see what other horrendous things that his forward thinking wife, Olivia, is making him do and perhaps they want to be there to try and talk him out of it.

It does sound like a Kim and Barry move, and by talk we mean shoot disapproving glares and not say what they mean and judge the crap out of him. Ethan will know what they mean. Thing is, I don’t think Ethan gives a flying patoot what his Mom and Dad things at this point.

I think Ethan is just happy being in love and being married and not having to abide by strict, weird rules each day. I can’t imagine what it must have been like, the oldest child, in a family like that. That must have been some pressure. Whew!

AS for other changes, we get to see that both Micah and Moriah have now moved out of the Plath household and are now living in a place that they both rent together. Micah’s modeling career must be on a real uptick (and have you seen the pictures?

I don’t blame these companies one bit!) while Moriah is working two jobs to support herself. She also has her first boyfriend this year, which will present its own set of challenges, being part of the strictly traditional Plath clan. Obviously, they would like a courtship filled with intentional dating and something really Duggar-like, but this budding musician wants the Nashville lifestyle, and she intends on living it too. All of this happens on November 10th, and we cannot wait. Stay tuned!!!

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