’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Ariela Weinberg Having More Second Thoughts After Giving Birth With Biniyam

’90 Day Fiancè’ spoilers tease that Ariela took a surprising deviation from her Jewish roots when she said on 90 day fiancé the other way  that she was having second thoughts about circumsizing her and Biniyam’s son. She said that she felt like she was taking away a choice for him when he was older and basically she wasn’t sure about it.

Coming from someone whose religion has laws about that, it was a surprising stance for her to take, but no one is going to agree with their religion 100% of the time. (No, that’d be the wrong show for that, but I digress.)

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Ariela not too sure about circumsizing her son

Biniyam is the one that seemed surprisingly okay with it. You would think, him being a Christian from Ethiopia that he would be the first to object anything of the sort being done to his son, but no, he just seemed pretty ambivalent about the entire thing.

He said that the operation would be good for their son now when he was a baby. Maybe it’s customary in his religion as well (although I’m not entirely sure what that is, other than Christian) to get baby boys circumsized too. Maybe that’s why he was okay with it. Either way, the child is pretty young so it’s not like he’s going to remember it, but as a Mom you kind of have to feel for Ariela.

Then Biniyam said something that might just start WWIII, and ladies, tell me that you don’t agree. Ariela was saying that she wasn’t sure what to do and that’s when Biniyam said, “Oh, I’ll make the decision for you.” Biniyam, statements like that have not been cool since women’s lib.

Maybe someone needs to educate you on just what that means, but you don’t make a decision for your wife, you help her make a decision but you definitely don’t make the decision for her, ala the Mad Men era. Obviously, Ethiopia is a different culture and there is a language barrier but if Biniyam expects to stay married to an American Woman this time then he needs to cool it with statements like that. After all, one divorce is enough, eh Bini? Stay tuned!!!

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