What Did Youtuber Jeffree Star Do Yet AGAIN?

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I have been surfing youtube since 2009 and in all my born days on this platform I have never seen a more click-bait-y title than this video. He said he was going to sit down and address the rumors. The only thing he did in the video was say at the very beginning that there was a lot of negativity surrounding him recently and that he was done with it.

He didn’t bother correcting the rumors or telling anyone exactly what happened, rather, he invited people to roast him in the comments (which I am sure will be either deleted or turned off later) and instantly launched into playing with makeup.

Youtube: In what universe, Jeffree, in what universe?!

Okay we get it, that’s what his channel is essentially about but holy crap the clickbait game is strong in this one! He addressed literally nothing! If you came to this video looking for an explanation and perhaps a reason to be sympathetic to Jeffree’s side then this video was not it. If he was looking to garner favor with anyone then obviously, he’s doing it wrong.

It’s pretty clear to everyone by now, including his stans that all he cares about is his bottom line. Nothing really matters except him lining his pockets and that’s why he’s so eager to get back to the way things were. However he knew he would have to step up his game a little. It if he were going to pull in people because everyone was still a little skeptical after his apology video to James Charles.

Aaand he cried wolf and pulled us all in again. Clever, Jeffee, real clever. The only thing that he did come close to actually addressing was his fans concern for his 103 year-old Grandma. He said that since the pandemic started that she has only left her house once and that it was in a very controlled environment and that she did have to go to the hospital recently for a bit of a health scare but did not specify what.

From the ay he phrased things it sounded like these two things were very spaced out and were not related, but with how much he’s gaslighted his fans you honestly can’t really tell what’s real or fake anymore in the world of Jeffree Star. (Hah! See what I did there?)

The only reason I could see that Jeffree didn’t coke out and actually address anything is that he’s been legally advised not to. That coupd be a thing because Tati Westbrook said that lawyers were involved, at least on her end and you can bet with as big of a businessman as Jeffree Star is he’s got someone out there protecting his interests as well.

That is the only reason I could see for him being coy, but still, it looks to me like he could have said more than just “I’m done with negativity.” That could have been done over snapchat or IG live. Give us some meat, Jeffree!

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