Univision Médicos Spoilers: On the case

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Univision Médicos spoilers reveal David Paredes (Daniel Arenas) and Ricardo Bustamante (David Zepeda) keep a promise to find the truth, while Aurora (Frances Ondiviela) has made a huge decision about her future. Meanwhile, we’ll also see some bad news for one of the staff members. Let’s take a look at what happened, as well as what’s ahead.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Search for the truth

First, Medicos spoilers reveal David told Ricardo about the latest news. As in, the machines that supposedly don’t work out of nowhere. He believes there something wrong here and Ricardo agrees.

The two men are also concerned about René Castillo (Rodrigo Murray) personally attending to Aureliano “El Ciego” Martínez (Axel Ricco), as well as the fact Mireya Navarro (Erika de la Rosa) was taking care of Aurora when the meds showed up in her room.

Ricardo wants to get all the old books together, as well as for David to keep his eyes open for anything suspicious. We can’t wait for this to get exposed.

To do this, David visited with Ana Caballero (Grettell Valdez) and asked for some information. He wanted the name of the provider René is dealing with as well as some other stuff. Ana seemed a bit iffy on it, as she asked, “You’re still looking into that?” However, her obsession with him basically overrode any doubts.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Using it to her advantage

Of course, this meeting was momentarily interrupted by Regina Villaseñor Gil (Livia Brito) dropping off a report. And Ana didn’t waste a minute. Regina took off pretty quickly at seeing David there, and David appeared affected as well.

Ana wasted zero time in telling him not to worry so much about Regina and what she’s doing. We’re sure she’ll use this investigation of David’s to get closer.

And she did later. Ana asked René for the documents David was talking about. Of course, she didn’t just bring them over to him. She stopped by Consulta Externa to tell him she’s got them.

And he can come by her place to eat later—while he goes over the papers, of course. She’s not at all obvious, and we can’t. It’s both hilarious and sad. And it worked, to an extent. They definitely got close Friday night.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Get out

In other news, it looks like the pressure at the Institute reached a breaking point at home. Luz González (Dalilah Polanco) works hard and she she’s had problems with her daughter, Carolina (Karen Furlong).

Because of the new stunts René keeps pulling, it’s only gotten worse. It seems Miguel (Ricardo “El Coyote” Mendoza), her husband has decided to divorce her and broke the news as soon as Luz got home.

Not only that, he informed her their daughter wants to live with him. Luz tried to fight this, but he isn’t listening. He thinks they’ll be one less problem for her this way. Plus, she barely ever has time to talk anyway.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: New purpose

Meanwhile, Médicos spoilers reveal Susana Álvarez de Galván (Iliana Fox) found a new purpose. After reconciling with Luis Galván (Carlos de la Mota), she’s now volunteering at the hospital. She’s reading to sick children, and he seems to be helping a lot.

Not only is she feeling better by helping others, but it gave her more insight. She met with the patient Luis and the others refused to turn their backs on. Plus, the girl’s mother. Susana heard all about what an angel her husband is and everything he did to help them.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Goodbyes

Meanwhile, Aurora is having a hard time. The treatments are so hard on her and had so little effect so far, she’s ready to give up. She just wants to enjoy what time she’s got without all the mess. However, she also had another request.

She asked Felipe Olmedo (Joshua Gutiérrez) to get closer to Gonzalo Olmedo (José Elías Moreno). We love that she has come around on her ex, as we think whatever mistakes he made were done with good intent. He seems like a decent person, and both Aurora and Felipe are learning this.

Later, they brought her back to the house and fixed her favorite food. It was a nice scene where they all bonded and joked with each other.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Too far

Finally, let’s talk about Marco Zavala (Mauricio Henao). Or, as we like to call him, “God’s gift to medicine.” You know, the guy who thinks he’s so smart that he’s above the other residents and should already be in the operating room.

Honestly, we see where he gets a lot of this. His dad, Esteban Zavala (Miguel Pizarro) has been hard on him. He keeps telling the kid to quit whining and do what he has to to prove himself. This time, Marco was complaining about getting to see patients alone.

You know, what he wanted. But he’s not operating on people, so that’s not enough. His dad actually told him that since he gets see patients, he can decide if they need a surgery or not. Whether they did it or not.  He just has to justify it. When he objected, Esteban told him he’ll never get anywhere this way.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Tonight

So, what’s next? According to the episode description, this will be a big one for several characters. One, Aurora decides to continue her treatment. This will definitely be great news for Gonzalo, who’s been fighting so hard to get her to even come to the Institute for any help to start with.

Meanwhile, Constanza Madariaga de Castillo (Marisol del Olmo) will discover René and Mireya are lovers. This one is also a bit surprising to us, as several scenes in previous episodes indicated she already knew.

But we guess this is a situation where “knowing” something is one thing, but actually getting the proof is a whole other thing. Get ready, because this will have big consequences in other episodes. And we honestly can’t feel too bad for any of the people involved.

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