Univision Médicos Spoilers: Cynthia might have cracked the case against René

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Univision Médicos spoilers reveal René Castillo (Rodrigo Murray) might not have it as easy as he thought. And we love it. Plus, Cynthia Guerrero (Isabel Burr) had a big episode for a couple of reasons. One of which should have a big impact on everyone at the Institute. Let’s take a look at what happened, as well as what to expect from tonight’s episode.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

First, we know that Cynthia has had an on-going issue since the beginning of the show. She’s pulled away from her family. She wants a medical career, which is something her father, Andrés Guerrero (Irineo Álvarez) doesn’t want.

He’d prefer she get into the family business. Now, we saw a lot this season of how Cynthia wants to build her own life and career and not live off what her parents have. However, we got to see another side of this, thanks to Andrés’ accident.

Cynthia, as you might remember from yesterday, participated in his surgery. Her mother, Patricia Guerrero (Eugenia Cauduro) gave him a warning about his behavior and it looks like it worked. Partly with someone else’s help.

Cynthia was visiting her father when the doctor came along. He actually asked Cynthia to perform Andrés’ exam so he can see her at work. He was so impressed, he repeated his job offer in front of Andrés. Plus, he went on about how proud Andrés should be of her for what she’s already learned this young.

After the doctor left, Andrés apologized to Cynthia for his behavior and explained himself a bit. His problem with what she does is mostly about the punishment she puts herself through doing it. The entire Institute was up most of the previous night dealing with tons of patients from an explosion, for instance.

But he has a different view of things now. He realizes she was born for this work and it’s what fires her up. So, we guess there’s one plot that came to an end in these last episodes. It might even help seal another.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Big reveal

See, Médicos spoilers reveal when Cynthia assisted in her father’s surgery, she got the chance to use a new machine. One the Institute just got as well, but they haven’t put it to practical use yet.

She did study the manual, though, so when she actually got to use the other facility’s machine, she realized something. They were told this model at the Institute is the latest. It even looks the same. However, it’s functions aren’t. She brought this up to David Paredes (Daniel Arenas) later, because she felt something was wrong and they needed to go to Rene.

He asked her not to, though. David let her know he’s been working on helping gather evidence for Gonzalo Olmedo’s (José Elías Moreno) case. This could be a huge help in proving Rene’s up to no good. So, expect big things from tis soon.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Not so fast

Speaking of René, he’s toast in more ways than one. He did as told Thursday. He fired Mireya Navarro (Erika de la Rosa) in front of Constanza Madariaga de Castillo (Marisol del Olmo). However, Mireya didn’t take it well, and she made it clear this is not over. So, we’re guessing she’ll get some revenge on him sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, he might have ticked her off for nothing.

See, he thought that if he did as told, all’s forgiven. He’s part right. Médicos spoilers reveal Constanza was pleased to see Mireya cry a bit and get upset. However, she made it clear she’s not even close to forgiving and forgetting.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Preview

As for tonight’s episode, it looks like Regina Villaseñor Gil (Livia Brito) will be accused of being Gonzalo’s accomplice in something. We assume they’re claiming she helped hide those meds. Either way, she’ll receive a summons in the case.

Meanwhile, Gonzalo’s lawyers work hard on his defense, armed with this new information about the affair. Plus, David will suffer an accident tonight. Is this René’s way of keeping someone out of the way? We’ll see.

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