WWE News: McIntyre Gets New Challenger, Orton Attacks Legends

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WWE Raw took place on Monday evening, and it was a show that was a star-studded affair. There were a number of legends involved during the broadcast, which was following up the match from the following evening.

However, there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for the ongoing Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton feud, and the Viper revealed that he would get another shot at the WWE Championship.

WWE News: McIntyre Defends Championship On Raw

There was a surprising title defence on Raw last night, as Drew McIntyre put his title on the line against Robert Roode. It was a match that not many fans could have seen coming before Raw last night, but it was certainly a pleasant surprise to see Roode back on Raw. It seemed as though it would be Dolph Ziggler challenging for the title as he made his way out for the open challenge, before Roode’s music hit.

The match was an entertaining affair, but not one that ever looked to be going in the way of Roode. McIntyre eventually hit the challenger with the Claymore to get the win after Ziggler was booted off the side of the ring. However, we could be seeing more of Roode going forward on Raw.

WWE News: Orton Attacks Legends

That match was the main event, but it wasn’t the end of the show. After the match had ended, the camera panned to backstage where Orton was dressed up as a janitor. However, he had more evil attentions than just cleaning the backstage area, as he approached the legends lounge where the ex-stars were playing a game of poker.

Orton approached the door, and soon went inside. Christian, Ric Flair, Big Show and Shawn Michaels were visibly shocked to see the Viper. He turned off the lights before going on to beat down the legends with the help of nightvision goggles. Orton left the room with the legends strung out on the floor, before he made his exit before anybody could catch him. Orton put his janitor uniform back on before making his exit from the backstage area.

It seems as though this is the latest step to set up a third title fight between McIntyre and Orton, and that match will likely happen at the Hell in a Cell PPV that is scheduled to take place in November.

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