WWE News: Aalyah Mysterio And Murphy Storyline Continues On Raw, But Where Could It End?

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Raw took place last night, and there were a number of huge storylines involved throughout the show. The rivalry between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton continued, with Orton ending the show by beating down the legends that had cost him the WWE Championship in the Ambulance Match on the night prior.

However, the biggest storyline that was focused on throughout Raw this past week was the continuation of the breakdown in communication between the Mysterio family.

Seth Rollins has been meddling in the family’s business for a number of months, but it has certainly been ramped up a gear since the remaining member of Rey Mysterio’s family have been brought to Raw.

WWE News: What Is Going On Between Aalyah And Murphy?

One of the family members that were brought to Raw by Rey was his daughter Aalyah. It has also been reported that she will only be an on-screen character, and that she will not be competing in any upcoming matches. However, she has certainly been thrown in at the deep end in this rivalry, as she has regularly felt sorry for Murphy.

A couple of weeks ago Aalyah showed sympathy towards Murphy after he was beaten down by Rollins, and last night it was revealed that the two of them had been sending messages in private. Rollins revealed the news during a segment involving the whole of the Mysterio family. The messages just showed Murphy apologising to Aalyah, but Dominik didn’t see it this way.

WWE News: Dominik Faces Off Against Murphy

Dominik was then scheduled to compete in a match against Murphy later in the evening. He was about to start unloading on Murphy, before Aalyah came out to save him.

She pleaded with her brother not to attack him as she believed that he was not like Rollins and that he does really have good intentions. Dominik was visibly angry that his sister got involved, which led to him delivering some harsh words. But, Aalyah slapped her brother before walking backstage.

It is still unknown how and where this rivalry could end, but there could be a HIAC match involving Murphy & Rollins going up against Rey and Dominik Mysterio. The end game will likely see Rollins and Dominik have one final match, but could we finally see Murphy turn full baby face during the tag match as he finally stands up to Rollins?

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