Univision Médicos, Línea De Vida Spoilers: Tough tasks, thieves, and humble pie


Univision Médicos, línea de vida spoilers reveal there’s a lot of drama around the hospital these days. There’re thieves. People who shamelessly spread rumors about others. Plus, we’ve got some difficult patients to deal with and a certain resident that needed a reality check. Let’s talk about some of the best moments of the week so far.

Univision Médicos, Línea De Vida Spoilers: Thief with a cause

First, we’ve got Diego Martínez (Michel López). As we remember, he joined along with the other residents at the Institute. The problem is, he isn’t quite on their side. Now, we’re not doubting he’s a good guy, or that he really cares about caring for patients properly. However, Médicos, línea de vida spoilers indicate his dedication might be a problem.

See, there’s a clinic back home that’s not as fortunate. So, he recently smuggled a bunch of medical supplies in a bag. This week, he packed them up and sent them to his hometown. This will end up being a huge problem, we’re sure.

Regina Villaseñor (Livia Brito) made it clear to everyone they have to conserve materials and keep better track of what they use on each patient. Eventually, we see this loss being noted and the emergency area suffering for it. What’s that they say about good intentions?

Univision Médicos, Línea De Vida Spoilers: Rumors

Speaking of Regina, she’s got more problems than discovering there’s missing material. Or her cheating ex-husband. This week, Mireya Navarro (Erika de la Rosa), a nurse she’s had conflict with, started a rumor after seeing her and Gonzalo Olmedo (José Elías Moreno Jr.) at a country club.

He was just teaching her golf on their day off. That’s not what she thought it looked like, so she spread a rumor they’re in a relationship.

In an embarrassing moment, this came up at a board meeting. Regina vehemently defended herself and her position against the talk. Later on, she confronted Mireya and said she can’t deal with someone with her attitude who’ll spread gossip around the hospital.

She wants her transferred. However, Gonzalo didn’t end up seeing it that way. He thinks this is no big deal and it’ll all be forgotten. She eventually got talked off the ledge and it looks like Mireya will stay where she is. However, Mireya doesn’t seem to know this yet, and she took it out on another burse again. The one who told Regina.

Univision Médicos, Línea De Vida Spoilers: Work problems

In other Médicos, línea de vida spoilers, we had Inés (Monica Miguel). She’s the patient who was beaten by her son, who later attacked Regina when she wouldn’t let him in. To handle the situation best, she has to report him. She didn’t want to. After a lot of tears and consoling, she finally agreed. We’re curious to see how that one turns out.

Elsewhere, they had a very uncooperative patient. A luchador came in with dizzying and other symptoms. The problem is, he refused to take his mask off in the emergency room so they can do the work they need to do. This took a lot more effort than Inés. In fact, he insisted on getting up and leaving for his fight.

Another episode kept him from leaving. Later Regina came along and helped talk him into trading his fighter mask for one they can work around. Of course, she had to turn her back first. The fighters take their identities and masks seriously.

Univision Médicos, Línea De Vida Spoilers: Humble pie

Finally, we have our favorite moment. Seriously. We fell totally in love with David Paredes (Daniel Arenas). Remember that resident who thinks he’s too good for the busy work? Well, David wasn’t impressed. After getting yet another speech from Marco Ávalos (Mauricio Hénao) about his superiority and how he should be seeing patients, Daniel gave him what he wanted.

Marco got assigned to shadow a nurse for the day, where his tasks would include sponge baths and changing bedpans. You know, because he’s so desperate to work with patients. Expert level decision.

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