Univision Médicos Línea De Vida Spoilers: Good luck, fights, and knowing the rules

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Univision Médicos, línea de vida spoilers reveal things are getting tough at the Institute, but there was some good news to celebrate. This week also brought some karma for Mireya Navarro (Erika de la Rosa). Plus, Regina Villaseñor (Livia Brito) is moving on while also getting into a war with Ana Caballero (Grettell Valdez). Let’s take a look at some of the week’s highlights.

Univision Médicos Línea De Vida Spoilers: Good news

So, the writers pulled a trick on us. Médicos, línea de vida spoiler indicate there was a journalist named Fausto (Arturo Carmona). He was admitted to the emergency room and spent a lot of his recovery time asking questions. Regina was wary, so she said little and asked others to do the same. The problem? Mireya didn’t get the memo. Not that it would matter.

She’s been using every trick she can think of to mess things up for Regina. And René Castillo (Rodrigo Murray) is not much better. He tried to use her as a scapegoat along the way to getting rid of Gonzalo Olmedo (José Elías Moreno Jr.). So obviously, Mireya gave Fausto a bad opinion of the emergency department and Regina.

Lucky for them? The reporter seems to actually be a real reporter. You know, one who relies on facts instead of people’s opinions. He saw for himself the care he received in the emergency room and wrote a glowing account of his near-tragedy. This came at a perfect time, too, but we’ll get to that a little later.

Univision Médicos Línea De Vida Spoilers: Moving on and trouble

Elsewhere, we have a more disturbing plotline. Inés (Monica Miguel) is a patient Ana is treating for high blood pressure. But she’s also had some injuries recently, and Regina took notice when she landed in the emergency room. The problem is, Ines won’t talk. So, they eventually had no choice but to release her.

Later on, Ines ended up back in Regina’s care. A neighbor found her beaten in her home and called 911. The abuser? Her own son. It’s truly disgusting, and Regina and the others feel the same way. Currently, Ines is in the critical care area, and Regina is fuming.

Angry, she visited Ana to give her an earful about not being attentive enough. She thinks if Ana had paid more attention and asked more questions, this wouldn’t have happened. And we all know Ana’s thing. She’s got too many people to see in a day for that. We see this being an issue later.

Univision Médicos Línea De Vida Spoilers: Doing his best

In better (and related) Médicos, línea de vida spoilers, Ana has been begging for a new dialysis machine. But with the deceased former director causing the hospital to get sued? Not looking good. Gonzalo is desperate and assured Ana he’s doing everything he can.

The only issue is, the suit gave the hospital an image issue, so when Gonzalo approached a friend and foundation head about donating the machine, the man couldn’t promise much.

This is where Fausto the nosy reporter helped out. Without realizing that particular situation, he wrote his article. Thanks to the piece, Gonzalo’s friend said this should make getting the approval for the donation a slam dunk.

Univision Médicos Línea De Vida Spoilers: Karma

Finally, there’s Mireya and René. They’re having an affair behind his wife’s back, and he decided to send her on a vacation. One, to shut her up. Two, to give him and Mireya time alone. Unfortunately, circumstances had her trip cancelled and Rene had to leave Mireya hanging.

She was furious! So much so, she took it out on another nurse the next day. But she totally deserves it with how horrible she is to everyone. And her being Rene’s fraud accomplice. We hate Rene, but when he brought up how she knew he was married and this is how things had to be, we cheered.

Can’t complain when you knew the rules upfront. This is why hooking up with married people is bad. We think she needs to take a good hard look at her life choices.

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