TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Deavan Clegg DENIES All Responsibility, Dumps It All On Jihoon Lee!

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ spoilers reveal that the hate has started and it is not pretty. Poor Jihoon of 90 day fiance the other way is getting hate from people simply because Drascilla, Deavan’s 3 year old daughter ran away from him in Korea.

Honestly, if we roll the tape back, Drascilla running away from him was not his fault. He had ahold of the child and she screamed “Put me down!” so instead of looking like a creepy pervert, he set the child down like she requested. He did not know that she was going to take off into oncoming traffic, neither did Deavan or Elicia.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ Spoilers- Can we all give Jihoon a break?

Also, who was the first to take off after her at a dead run when she initially ran off? Jihoon! Deavan had her hands full and where on earth was Elicia at that point? Were they just testing Jihoon to see what his Daddy reflexes were going to be? It seriously does not work that way.

He has had 6 days, count them, 6 days, in order to adjust to being a Dad. It takes most new Dads a long time to adjust to being a Dad when they first start out. Also he has had his hands full trying to find an apartment that Deavan and her Mom will appreciate so his time has been a little constrained. 

The thing is, 90 day anything is filmed previously and this was filmed prior to the Covid-19 restrictions being in place. So it was filmed months ago. So getting hate for something that occurred months ago is kind of pointless.

Also it does not matter how much hate you send someone unless the show is being filmed live you will not affect the outcome of the show. So Deavan and Jihoon might be just fine right now, or at least they could have been until just a few hours ago.

Poor Jihoon posted on his IG account a message that someone sent him saying that he was such a bad Father and he should fo kill himself. He then posted in the comments to all of his supporters (and trust me there are a lot) the comment, “Can I die?”

This is what happens when social media oversteps its boundaries. It’s okay not to like someone’s actions, it’s okay to criticize them, but to tell someone to go kill themselves is a downright horrible thing to do because you never know what someone’s actual mental state is. We support Jihoon and hope that he and all of his family are safe, both physically and emotionally. Don’t send hate, it’s not worth it.

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