TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee Update – Are there Amber Alerts in Korea?

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal we have seen things that have surprised and shocked me on 90 day fiancé before, but nothing made my heart drop out from underneath me quite as much as when Deavan’s little girl, Drasilla, ran directly for the road.

I’m not a Mom but that seriously made me worry because I know how quickly a child can go missing in the United States and we tend to have legit stranger danger here. But for your child to even have the possibility of going missing in a foriegn country where you only know one family and your own family is slated to leave in a few days.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Are there Amber Alerts in Korea?

You can’t speak the language and you don’t know what the police are like in that country and don’t even know if they’ll take you seriously? I can’t even imagine what Deavan felt in that moment.

As many problems as we’ve had with Jihoon, I can’t help hut admire him for dashing off after Drasilla at the speed he did because it was clear that little Drasilla was going full speed ahead. Though that kind of makes me wonder why Deavan and her Mom weren’t really going full speed ahead after her but I guess someone had to hold little Taeyang and since I’m not a Mom I can only speculate that running while holding a baby isn’t easy at all. Yike.

Okay even if there is no real stranger danger in Korea there is still a very real danger of Drasilla running out into the middle of the road and getting seriously hurt by someone, even if they didn’t exactly mean to. I don’t know how the traffic is in South Korea but I can only assume that in busy, metropolitan places where that city looked to be it is just as dangerous as any US city.

You don’t want your child getting hurt in any country but especially not in a foriegn one because when you don’t know the customs and culture its very hard to explain to a harried doctor who is trying to save your child’s life what the situation is and if your child is already screaming for Mommy, well that’s not not a good scenario all the way around.

I’m glad that Jihoon did try to take some accountability because he was the one who let Drasilla down in the first place. He let her down and he let her start running, not holding her hand or anything. At that age, especially in a foriegn country you have to keep hold of a child at all times.

I can’t even fault Deavan really because she earned him bef9re the kid started running to get her and hemmed and hawed about it and only when Drasilla started to run did he do something about it. He has a months old son and it kind of makes me worry for the future because the terrible twos are going to hit and when they do Jihoon might be too little too late, I hope that’s not the case but have we even seen him interact with Taeyang?

I seriously don’t remember seeing him interact with or holding his son. So far he’s only given attention to Deavan and her Mok, the kids he just kind of regards but its almost like they’re non-entities otherwise. That part, have to say, is being done wrong.

He needs to try and start bonding with the kids. Also, the way he was holding Drasilla last night before she demanded to be put down was wrong. He was holding her upside down! It was probably painful for her having all the blood rush to her head and no wonder she demanded to be put down! But for a kid who’s had the blood rush to her head a few minutes before she can really move, can’t she?

Next week’s preview does not look good for Deavan and Jihoon’s relationship because now she says whenever she looks at Jihoon all she can see is rage, that’s never good. Jihoon ended up in tears, and not manly tears but big wracking sobs so I hope that  nothing happened to Drasilla. Stay tuned!!!

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