Coronation Street Spoilers: Tim Metcalfe Set To Make Huge Decision In Tonight’s Episode

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Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that Tim Metcalfe is set to make a huge decision in tonight’s episode of the street. However, will this be a signal that he is finally going to see through the lies that Geoff Metcalfe has been telling over the past couple of months, or will he ultimately decide to side with his father over Sally Metcalfe.

The family have been at loggerheads over the past couple of months, as Sally has finally revealed that she believes that Yasmeen Nazir is telling the truth about the abuse that she has been suffering at the hands of Geoff. Sally’s change of stance has led to friction with her husband Geoff, as he refuses to turn his back on his father.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Elaine’s Disappearance

The storyline has developed this week, as viewers watched on in disbelief as Geoff has somehow managed to get rid of Elaine Jones.

Elaine was just growing in confidence with the most time that she spent in Weatherfield, and she recently revealed to Sally that she was prepared to stand up in court and tell everyone about the abuse that she suffered to save Yasmeen.

Shortly after making this decision, she was approached by Geoff who tried to scare his ex-wife away and demanded that she never tried to talk to her son ever again. Viewers don’t know what Geoff has done with Yasmeen, but they did see him take the SIM card out of her phone before throwing it down a drain.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Geoff Continues To Lie

It would appear as though Geoff was finally caught out with his lies this week, as Tim’s daughter Faye overheard him telling the police that he never had an argument with anyone.

Faye knew that was a lie as she only asked him about the argument that she had seen earlier in the day. Geoff revealed that the argument was about the woman coughing, but she now appears unlikely to believe that.

Tim is set to make a huge decision tonight as Sally continues to beg him to look at the situation with an open mind. He will be stunned by his wife’s continued stance, and warns her against making him pick between his father and her. But, could something be about to open his mind more this evening?

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