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NBC ‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kristian Alfonso’s (Hope Brady) New Chapter After DOOL Exit

NBC ‘Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) spoilers finds that in an interview with Entertainment tonight recently, Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) went into more detail about her recent decision to leave ‘Days of Our Lives’. First off, as we reported before, the decision to take her character off-camera was not really discussed with her. Rather, it was told to her in a meeting with producers.

Then they said that when she did come back she was going to have a storyline with a Navy Seal. She didn’t specify what this storyline was, but she said that when she got this news she sat down and said that it was time to re-evaluate some things in her life and, you know, this is just me as a writer speaking here but in order for an actor not to be excited about a new direction that their character is taking, the storyline must have been pretty, well, ludicrous.

Alfonso said of Quarantine that it had given her time to re-evaluate things and catch up with her family and just enjoy life. She hadn’t had time to do that in years. She said she enjoyed spending time with her family and just being at home, not really doing anything. It was good for her to just take some time off and it really made her think about the things that she had been missing in her life.

She also said that previously, she used to have a jewelry line as well as working on ‘Days of Our Lives’ and she really missed it. She said that even though her decision has ultimately caused her a “roller coaster of emotions” that she has no regrets about leaving the sudser. That was also an issue that prompted her decision – COVID-19.

NBC ‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kristian Alfonso’s new chapter

“I tell my children all the time, if you feel the need for a change, then it must be and to take that leap of faith and believe in yourself.” sage advice. She also says that right now, she’s unsure if she will continue acting but that she’s been getting some calls and some interest on some projects which sounds hopeful.

No pun intended. Even if she decides to ultimately just continue with her jewelry line, there’s something to be said about reinventing yourself. Not many people are brave enough to try it, but not Alfonso, it’s like that certain saying, “If not now, then when?”

Speaking of bravery, no many actresses would announce their departure so early, considering her on-screen scenes are to play through till October, but she felt that she owed it to her fans to be up-front and honest about her departure, considering what a big part she had played in all of our lives for so long, even if that got her into trouble.

However it doesn’t look like she really had anything to worry about there, it looks like everyone who has worked with her or been fans of her has left her beautiful comments on her IG page of love and support, so much so that she got choked up. Awww! She did say that unlike other soap stars she has no plans to return to DAYS for guest spots.

Ken Corday himself told her that Hope Williams Brady would probably never be recast, but that ultimately it wouldn’t be her decision. She accepted that and has decided to move forward with a new chapter in her life. We can’t wait. Stay tuned!!!

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