Coronation Street Spoilers: Nicky Driven To Breaking Point After Daniel Osbourne Continues To Grieve For Sinead Tinker

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Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that escort Nicky will be forced to make a huge decision over the next couple of weeks as Daniel Osbourne’s grief shows no sign of improving. Viewers of the soap were heartbroken on Monday evening as it was revealed that Daniel had been visiting Nicky and paying her to wear Sinead’s cardigan.

The escort didn’t need to do anything sexual with Daniel. Instead, they just lay down and cuddled on the top of the sheets. It was a heartbreaking moment fans as they realised that Daniel was still struggling to overcome the grief he was feeling for his ex-wife. But, will Nicky force Daniel’s hand over the coming weeks and urge him to speak to somebody about his feelings?

Coronation Street Spoilers: Unusual Relationship Between Pair

There is certainly an unusual relationship between the pair as they do get along very well. The two actually met at a party and Daniel was close to going home with Nicky before it emerged what she did for a living. He was stunned to discover that she was an escort and stormed off.

However, he didn’t wait for long to get back in touch with her, and they have been meeting regularly ever since. Up until earlier this week, viewers weren’t aware of what Daniel and Nicky were doing behind closed doors, which made the revelation this week even more stunning. But, could Nicky be about to tell Daniel that he needs real help?

Coronation Street Spoilers: Nicky Growing Uncomfortable

Nicky is going to grow more uncomfortable over the coming weeks, as she realises that what the two of them are doing behind closed doors may not be healthy for Daniel. It has also been revealed that Nicky may be forced to make a decision regarding their arrangement as she fears that he is beginning to fall in love with her because he thinks that she is Sinead.

It would be a stunning twist, but Daniel certainly appears as though he does need help to get through this testing period. Nicky was only too happy to take his money at the beginning, but it would seem as though she looks at him as more of a friend now and wants him to get better and recover from the death of Sinead.

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