Coronation Street Spoilers: Could Daniel Osbourne’s Mother Have A Surprising Link To Newcomer Nicky?

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Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that there could be a shocking link between Daniel Osbourne’s mother and Nicky. Nicky is a newcomer in the soap, and has been sleeping with Daniel over the past couple of weeks. Daniel has been craving intimacy since Sinead Tinker’s death, and that has led him to spending more time with the escort.

Daniel was stunned when he discovered what Nicky did, as he felt that the two of them were getting along great before he realised that she wanted money for spending time with him. At first, Daniel was furious to learn that Nicky was an escort and made a hurried exit back home. However, since then, he has been spending more time with Nicky and has opened up about his dead wife.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Daniel And Nicky Grow Closer

While Nicky is being paid to spend time with Daniel, she is beginning to get closer to the grieving ex-husband. The two of them have been spending an extended period of time together, and Daniel is looking for any opportunity to see more of Nicky. He is growing more confident with her every time that they meet, but there could be a stunning twist.

Viewers will be aware that Daniel’s mother is Denise Osbourne. However, we haven’t seen her on the soap for two years now. The last time she was in Weatherfield was as she was working with Ken Barlow to help Daniel overcome a breakdown. It was the end to the storyline that saw Daniel push Ken down the stairs and almost kill him.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Could Denise Have A Link To Nicky?

The recent spoilers could indicate a massive twist, as they have rumoured that Nicky may actually have a link to Daniel’s mother. The revelation could be stunning, with fans already predicting that Denise could actually be Nicky’s mother, which would make Daniel her step brother.

Denise made her debut in the soap in 1992 and immediately grew close to Ken. However, she made her exit from Weatherfield in 1997, and since then has give birth to another child. Fans are already predicting that there could be a stunning revelation over the coming months as Nicky is revealed to be that other child. However, could there actually be a different link between Denise and Nicky?

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