Coronation Street Spoilers: Corrie Makes Television History, But Will There Be A Fatal End For Gary Windass?

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Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that the ITV soap will be the first show on television to air a dramatic socially distanced stunt scene. Pictures were posted on social media channels on the weekend, and caught the moments that Gary Windass rushed to save the life of Sarah Platt. The scenes are likely to be some of the most dramatic of the year, but could Gary be fatally killed after saving Sarah’s life?

The soap have revealed that Gary will be left fighting for his life after being struck down by the car, but will his heroic actions cause Sarah Platt to not go to the police with the new information that she has found out? It will be a difficult couple of weeks for Gary as all his biggest secrets come close to coming out, but will he manage to find an unlikely ally?

Coronation Street Spoilers: Sarah Begins To Learn The Truth

It is set to be a busy couple of weeks for Gary as a number of characters are getting closer to learning the truth about what really happened to Rick Neelan. Things will begin getting more challenging for Gary as Rick’s watch mysteriously appears near the place where the body was buried.

Sarah will be aware that something much more sinister is taking place and will immediately look to try and call the police. However, Gary tries to do everything to stop her, which results in her running away from Gary. However, when she ends up in the middle of the road, Gary’s true colours come out as he pushed Sarah to safety and take the hit himself.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Gary Saves Sarah’s Life

It will be a strange experience for Gary, as he will be aware that Sarah being hit by the car would ultimately mean that his secret will be safe. However, it’s clear that he still has feelings for Sarah and that’s why he decides to save her life instead. But, will she keep Gary’s secret now that he saved her life?

Gary’s actions will also lead to potential friction between Sarah and Adam Barlow, as she is unsure on whether to reveal the truth or protect Gary. Adam has been trying to get evidence together for the past year to make Gary pay, and it would now seem as though his wife gets all the evidence that he needs.

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