British Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth Participates In Second Official Virtual Meeting

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British royal family news has reported that Queen Elizabeth has been involved in only her second virtual meeting. The Queen has been forced to adapt throughout the coronavirus pandemic as the restrictions that are in place have stopped her from attending royal engagements in person. However, the most popular way that Her Majesty has been doing that has been shown in her recently acquired tech skills.

The Queen partook in her first ever virtual engagement a number of weeks ago, and she was once again involved in another virtual engagement this week. Her Majesty spoke at length during the meeting with various members of the military last week, and one meeting in particular made her laugh.

British Royal Family News: Queen Laughs Along With Veteran

The Queen was left in hysterics during the video call as she was told about an unusual fitness regime that was followed by one of the soliders on the call. Lance Corporal Shanwayne Stephens revealed to the Queen that he had an unusual way to stay in peak condition as he is a member of a bobsleigh team.

Stephens didn’t expect the reaction from the Queen as she laughed and admitted that the thought of doing that sport was pretty scary. He also went on to reveal that he typically pushes cars up and down streets in order to stay fit. The Queen was shocked with the method, before revealing that it is a smart way to keep fit.

British Royal Family News: Queen Thanks Military Personal

The Queen was mainly speaking to the various members of the military to thank them for the jobs that they have been doing throughout the pandemic. Her Majesty was keen to get a feeling of how busy they have been throughout this period, with various soldiers claiming that they have been busy at home and overseas.

The Queen told the armed forces that they were doing a ‘wonderful’ job and thanked them for their service. Stephens was also thrilled to speak to Her Majesty, and revealed that it seemed as though the Queen was ‘impressed’ by the way in which he has been able to adapt his workout to stay fit.

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