British Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth Goes Into Business Selling High-End Gin

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British royal family news has revealed that Buckingham Palace is looking to recoup some of the money that has been lost due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has been revealed that lovers of gin will be seeing a new brand hit the shelves over the next couple of weeks after a new Buckingham Palace gin has been announced.

It will be a welcome sight to lovers of the tipple, and will feature ingredients that have been picked in the garden of the palace. The gin has been launched the combat the losses that have been felt due to the coronavirus, and has been launched by the Royal Collection Trust.

British Royal Family News: High-End Gin

The release from the Royal Collection Trust may not appeal to all lovers of gin, as it certainly will not be coming on the cheap side. A bottle of the Buckingham Palace gin will cost around £40. But, the release revealed that it will have a unique taste of herbal and citrus notes.

Fans looking to get their hands on the bottle will not have to search that far as it will be available in all the leading supermarkets. It will also enable fans to feel closer to the royal family as the new gin will also be served during events that will be taking place at Buckingham Palace in the future. It will also be a relatively strong gin as it will have a 42% ABV.

British Royal Family News: Gin Pays Homage To The Queen Mother

It is a sweet touch to release the gin, as fans of the royal family would already be aware that The Queen Mother was a huge gin fanatic. She often opted to enjoy a gin cocktail when unwinding, with her personal preference on cocktail being the one that included Dubonnet. Reports also claim that she preferred to have this drink just after lunch with a slice of lemon.

The proceeds from the sales of the gin will go towards the Royal Collection Trust. It would seem as though the royal family have been enjoying their latest venture into the world of alcohol, with Prince William also taking his opportunity to head to a pub a couple of weeks ago when they opened back up in the United Kingdom.

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