TLC sMothered Spoilers: Cher Changes Birth Plan Because of Dawn’s Suggestion

TLC sMothered Season 2 Spoilers: What You Need To Know!

TLC sMothered spoilers finds that on the new season of the hit  we have met a lot of mother-daughter pairs who love each other so much that they plan their lives with one another, their dates, their weddings, and now their child births. That’s right! Cher is expecting and has been consulting with her husband, Jared, about having her baby. She has been set on having an epidural because she doesn’t like pain, it seems that her mother, Dawn, is trying to convince her to have a natural birth the way that she did.

TLC sMothered Spoilers: Cher Rethinks Child Birth

On the spoilers for this Sunday’s episode, we will see Cher talking to her husband about her child birth. He says, “What are you guys scheming?” They all laugh and things seems happy go lucky in the office. Cher says, “So I just told my mom something that I’ve been thinking about for awhile. I haven’t had the chance to tell you because I was kinda going back and forth in my head, but now that I’ve done more research and after speaking a lot with my mom. I decided that I want to do a natural birth.”

TLC sMothered Spoilers: Cher Changes Birth Plan Because of Dawn’s Suggestion

He sits back and looks at her for a second. “That’s interesting. Part of our birth plan was Cher wanting an epidural because she is pain adverse. I don’t want her to go through this pain that she’s totally not prepared for just because her mom is telling her to do that,” her husband tells cameras. Then he starts talking to her, “I remember you talking about having a natural birth from the very beginning. I’m just a little concerned that this is something you’re being talked into and not totally your own decision.” He tells cameras, “All of Dawn’s children were delivered naturally, so of course, that’s what she thinks is the best way to do it.”

Of course, it’s time for Dawn to chime in, “I just said it because I wanted her to have an open mind and do the research.That’s what she did. I suggested it, but now she looked into it.” Then Cher says, “It’s great because I’ll get to experience what she experienced. I keep telling myself, if my mom can do it, I can do it!” Then Dawn says, “It’s nice because we’ll have something else that we’ve experienced together.” Meanwhile, Jared has this very confused look on his face. He agrees to do whatever Cher wants and he will support her no matter what. Be sure that you check out sMothered on Sunday nights on TLC. It airs at 10 p.m. EST.

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