British Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth Issues Statement As Boris Johnson Spends Night In Intensive Care


British Royal Family News finds that Queen Elizabeth was forced to release a statement last night after it emerged that the British Prime Minister’s condition has worsened. Boris Johnson was admitted into the intensive care unit at St Thomas’ Hospital. The Queen is said to be in regular communication with Johnson’s government regarding his condition, before she revealed that she is ‘praying for her prime minister.’

The news of Johnson’s condition came just a day after the Queen had addressed the nation, where she admitted her gratitude for the workers on the front-line of the battle against COVID-19. She then went on to admit that we would all ‘meet again.’

British Royal Family News: Prime Minister’s Current Condition

Boris Johnson was admitted into the hospital early on Monday morning after it was revealed that his symptoms had worsened. He was later moved into intensive care on Monday evening, but it is believed that he was not put on a ventilator while there. Johnson spent the evening at the hospital and there are likely to be further updates throughout Tuesday.

The 55-year-old is in ‘very good hands’ according to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. All of the pressure regarding the fightback against the virus will now land on Raab’s shoulders as he is the designated stand-in for the PM should he be unable to work. However, some members of Parliament have asked for clarity regarding what Raab’s role is.

British Royal Family News: Johnson Earlier Sent Tweet

The news came as a shock to many people, as Johnson had earlier posted a message on social media revealing that he was feeling in ‘good spirits’. Johnson was admitted to hospital eleven days after he had admitted that he was suffering from symptoms of the virus. His pregnant fiancé Carrie Symonds is also in self-isolation at present after showing symptoms.

Matters were made even worse for the British government on Tuesday morning as it was revealed that the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove was also now in self-isolation after a family member was showing symptoms.

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