British Royal Family News: Prince George & Princess Charlotte Keep Queen Elizabeth Engaged During COVID-19 Lockdown

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British Royal Family News finds that it has already been a pretty busy week for the Queen, as she delivered her heartfelt address to the nation on Sunday evening. However, family is still everything to Her Majesty, and she is remaining close to her great-grandson and great-granddaughter during the pandemic, as it has emerged that the children are keeping her entertained.

Royal fans will appreciate the closeness of the youngest generation of the royal family with the oldest, as it has emerged that the Queen has been speaking regularly to her great-grandchildren over video chat. The Queen has become a seasoned pro with modern technology during the global pandemic.

British Royal Family News: Prince George & Princess Charlotte Speak To The Queen Regularly

The current lockdown will have a larger impact on the older generation as they are urged not to leave the house at all as they are considered high risk. That means that the Queen has been in lockdown at Windsor Castle, and has been unable to see her great-grandchildren for the past month.

However, insiders close to Prince William and Kate Middleton have revealed that the children speak to the Queen on a regular basis through video chats. William and Kate are also in lockdown at present, as they spend their time at their mansion in Norfolk. According to the reports, the children speak on the phone to the Queen, and send videos to her too.

British Royal Family News: Young Royals Talk To Other Family Members

It isn’t just the Queen that the young royals are in daily dialogue with, as the reports also revealed that they speak to Prince Charles and Prince Phillip on a daily basis too. The children often talk to Prince Charles for advice about animals and flowers.

The young royals continued to gain adulation from the royal fans as they learned that they had sent handmade ‘Get Well Soon’ cards after it was revealed that Charles had tested positive for COVID-19. It would seem that despite being over the age of 70, all of the older generation of royals are keeping up to date with the modern advances in technology.

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