Univision Rubí Spoilers: Rubí’s loss makes her worse than ever


Univision Rubí spoilers for February 12th reveal a life-changing moment for our protagonist. It’s also a great example of how far she fell since. But there’s one bright spot in her situation. Here’s what you need to know.

Univision Rubí Spoilers: Blame game

The big life-changing event, of course, was her mother’s death. Refugio Ochoa de Pérez (Mayrín Villanueva) suffered a heart attack after arguing with Rubí Pérez Ochoa (Camila Sodi) about her latest devious act. While chance made Rubí return to the home shortly after, it wasn’t in time to save her mother. Rubí was absolutely devastated. But she wasn’t the only one.

Univision Rubí Spoilers: Rubí’s loss makes her worse than ever

Her sister, Cristina Pérez Ochoa (Tania Lizardo) rushed home after getting the call and didn’t hesitate to lay into her sister. She fully blames Rubí and her actions for what happened. To an extent, we think that’s true. Refugio was supposed to have a peaceful life. A schemer daughter who gets her future in-law falsely arrested doesn’t exactly fit that recommendation. Neither does witnessing a huge fight between her daughters, then fighting with one herself. Cristina took this a step further when she called Rubí out for daring to attend the funeral. It was a huge turning point.

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Univision Rubí Spoilers: No me importa

After that ugly scene, Rubí was miserable. She closed herself into the bedroom of Lucas’ (Marcus Ornellas) place and cried her eyes out. Lucas, however, thought life must go on. He informed her important people will be there, and she needs to be ready. It’s a big opportunity, and they came specifically for her. Rubí wouldn’t hear of it. She claimed she did this all for her mother, and now her mother is gone. Fame, money, and other things just don’t matter anymore. But Lucas wouldn’t give in. He gave her exactly four hours to do whatever she needed to express her pain before she had to be ready to face a crowd. So, did she comply?

Univision Rubí Spoilers: Time to shine

Rubí did, in fact, appear as asked. Although she didn’t seem very thrilled about it. We think his pushing her to do this soured her even further on her latest stepping stone. It also apparently woke up her inner social climber. When she found out she’d be introduced to actual Royalty that evening, she looked a little more enthusiastic. Rubí spoilers reveal the promo for tonight’s episode features her and a prince meeting. And they look pretty cozy in some of the clips. Gotta hand it to the girl—she knows how to trade up. But all this Rubí hate and pressure, plus her loss, changed her.

Univision Rubí Spoilers: Peor que nunca

This part of her story is critical, and Boris (Henry Zakka) let Carla Rangel (Ela Velden) know his boss was never the same after Refugio’s death. If last night’s events are any indication, that wasn’t a good thing. She’s essentially got Carla prisoner in her home. No phone or nternet.  Norcan she leave the property. And all so Rubí can share the rest of her life story. Desperately lonely, egocentric, or just that regretful she wants to share with the world her sins. You be the judge…

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