TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Under Fire For Posting Mud Room Photo

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TLC Sister Wives spoilers finds that Christine Brown seldom gets into trouble with her fans on social media. sister Wives fans enjoy the interesting Car Confession posts that the TLC star does. Her fans also love how she lost excess weight. Although the Sister wife more recently received  criticism from fans because she sold the LuLaroe MLM clothing line, Christine is usually not a target for trolls.  However, on Tuesday, she was trolled for her comment on plastic water bottles.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Is Loved By Fans But Not Immune To Trolls

Christine is probably one of Sister Wives fan favorites because she doesn’t get trolled by critics online. She brings plenty of humor to social media and they love her for that. She shared a funny video of Ysabel’s fail at the Christmas drama, Elf. She often gets out with her girls and has fun teasing them about which of them is her favorite.

TLC Sister Wives viewers like her sense of humor. They also feel bad for her this season as Kody seems upset that she didn’t accept the idea of all of the living in one big house. In fact, Kody Brown went at her in Twitter during a live episode. This doesn’t mean that fans don’t speak up when they disagree with her. Now, her fans have just slammed her after they found out she still uses plastic water bottles.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine’s Fans Slam Her For Posting About Her Mud Room

Christine took to Instagram to share two pictures. One of the pictures showed her fully stocked mud room. The second picture showed some things in the back of the TLC star’s car. Christine captioned the pictures with “This is just ridiculous!! My mud room needs some help. Something from the back of my car has got to work!” She used the tags, “#mudroom #organized #makingshelves.”

Fans of the TLC show saw plenty of plastic water bottles in her room. The TLC fans immediately called Christine out on it. One of her fans asked, “Why are you still buying plastic water bottles????? So.bad for our environment 😞.” Another fan noted, “yeah just buy a refillable bottle 🤷‍♀️.” A third one also wrote, “Recycle!🇺🇸.” Then one person who seemed to either hit on Christine or the critics posted, ” Ok so NEVER buy or drink out of anymore plastic again!!! When there’s a hurricane guess who runs to the store to buy all plastic water bottles??????????? RECYCLE-HELLO!!!!”

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: More TLC Critics Come For Christine’s On Instagram

Some other TLC fans complained about the Brown family using plastic bottles of water. A critic of the TLC show wrote, “I love you girl but please stop buying plastic water bottles! Plastic is taking over and destroying the ocean!” Also, another fan said “Maybe stop with the cases of wasteful water bottles??? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Just a thought.”

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