TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Here’s Why The Older Brown Family Children Aren’t On The Show

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TLC Sister Wives spoilers has shown us some memorable events in the past seasons. The Brown family consists of Kody Brown and his four wives. They have quite a few children too and after speaking out about polygamy, the Browns aren’t sure if their older children will be on any other episodes of the show. We have the scoop on this.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Where Are The Older Children?

Kody Brown has done quite a few interviews lately and the topic of his older children just keeps coming up. “My older children aren’t always interested in being part of the show. And they don’t always have a story to follow. They’re trying to live professional lives. And sometimes it’s a hard balance to make.”

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Why The Older Children Aren’t On The Show

The Brown’s son-in-law, Tony Padron, made many appearances of the show in the past, but we haven’t seen him much lately. There have been questions on what he is doing and why he isn’t on the show anymore. There was a pretty big story line with Tony a few seasons ago, but it seems that has passed. Kody did bring this up in a recent interview saying, “I mean, when you’re on a reality TV show, and you’re trying to work at a bank it becomes extremely awkward.They try to distance themselves so they can have their own private lives.”

Another family member that stopped appearing on the show is Logan Brown. Logan had been on the show up until they moved to Flagstaff, Arizona and now has just vanished. Fans have written about this on social media. One fan wrote, “Where was Logan? Does he even come around anymore or has he totally ditched the family?” Logan is now engaged and his fiance is busy with school and he is getting his M.B.A. They are very busy and need to focus on that side of their lives.

The Brown children are under no obligation to even be on the show. Their parents don’t force them to do it and they all have their own lives to live. We would like to see more of them, but we completely understand that being on a reality television show does take a toll on your personal life. Don’t miss the Browns on TLC on Sunday nights.

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