TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Brown Family Drama, Christine Brown Angry Over Editing!

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TLC Sister Wives spoilers finds that we have seen a lot of the 90 Day Fiancé cast members getting angered about the editing of the show. Now the sister wives are getting heated about the editing of their show. Christine Brown has opened up about the editing of the TLC hit show, Sister Wives. We have the news on what she is saying and how it is making her look.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine’s Irrational Behavior

Is Christine’s behavior on Sister Wives all part of the editing process? She says it is. On Twitter, Christine let her fans know that her reactions on the show are not at all what they seem to be. “My bratty reaction just makes me cringe. I said very very logical things, but…I’m not bad, just edited that way.”

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Anger Over Editing

Christine is hinting at the episode where she told Kody Brown that she did not approve of living with all of the wives in one big house. She felt that one household will get rid of the intimacy that the wives have with Kody. “We couldn’t be physically affectionate with each other except for in our rooms, our bedrooms. Every wife deserves to be loved in her kitchen, and her living room, and wherever, outside. You could never really be an intimate couple, because there was always a chance that another wife could and would and did walk in at any time.” Christine honestly wants to be able to have her own time with Kody and not have to worry about jealousy creeping in.

Christine has said that TLC take the liberties of editing the show how they see fit. A lot of that is based on the time frame for each episode, but much like 90 Day Fiancé, the producers like to show one of the wives as being the villain. Could Christine be their target this season? We have seen many instances so far this season with her reactions and the editing could be causing her to look like the bad wife. No matter what TLC is doing with the editing, it seems that more and more stars of these shows are coming out with their reactions. You can see even more of Christine and her “bratty reactions” on Sunday nights on TLC. Stay tuned for Sister Wives to see if any of the wives approve of the big house idea.

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