TLC Say Yes to the Dress America Spoilers: Behind the Scenes With Randy Fenoli!

TLC Say Yes to the Dress America spoilers finds that Randy Fenoli, the host of the show has been helping women find the perfect dress for their wedding since 2007! He knows how to make the women happy and to help them to find the ideal dress for their special day. He has a lot of stories and he wants to share them with us! He gave some insider info on what happens behind the scenes when women are under the stress of finding the perfect wedding gown.

TLC Say Yes to the Dress America Spoilers: Fifty-Two New Brides

This new series focuses on 52 couples from around the country. Every state has one bride who is flown to New York and shown the most amazing wedding dresses she could ever imagine! At the end of the show, there will be a giant wedding with all 52 couples! Randy said that this part wasn’t easy though.

TLC Say Yes to the Dress America Spoilers: Behind the Scenes

The brides only had a certain number of dresses to choose from at Kleinfeld Bridal. “It’s not like, ‘Oh, are you saying yes to the dress or no?’ It’s like, ‘You really have no choice.’ So talk about stress, for us, and the bride.” There were 42 of the brides that actually had to pick out their dress two days before they got married! This was another stressful situation because if they needed to be altered, they had very little time. Generally alterations take weeks to do, so you do the math.

“I was in complete panic mode. I didn’t show it, but honestly, I don’t know. There have been very few times I’ve been that stressed. Here’s the thing: I didn’t want the girls to just say yes to a dress, I wanted them to find the dress of their dreams… I wanted each one of them to have that moment.”

The giant wedding took place in Central Park and Randy said it was incredibly hot that day. It was around 90 degrees! “There were some meltdowns, some girls literally hysterically bawling because they didn’t like the way they look.” He did say that the ladies looked gorgeous and made him cry to see them all together. “Some of the brides went in this separate little room with a curtain, and they gathered around and they all started doing each other’s hair and makeup, just like you saw in Miss Congeniality… They were just loving each other ‘cause they all knew they were in this together.” Randy said that with all of this drama and hard work, the wedding was a success and he was able to help 52 brides find their dream gown. Say Yes to the Dress America airs on TLC at 8 p.m. on Saturdays.

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