Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Desperate move in Rainbow case backfires?

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Telemundo La Doña spoilers indicate that Thursday’s episode could be a turning point in several respects. We have Eunice “La Felina” Lara (Maricela González) continuing what looks like a plot against the revenge squad. Although, she didn’t quite answer when asked by one of her people if she’d kill Altagracia Sandoval (Aracely Arambula) if the revenge squad wanted. Then there’s Lucho (Bernardo Flores) and Leonora Navarrete (Alejandra Barros). They know there’s something going on between Altagracia and José Luis Navarrete (David Zepeda). Plus, there’s poor Noelia (Paola Fernández) getting pulled into an investigation on a guy she has feelings for. But the biggest thing tonight relates to Lucho. Here’s what you need to know.

Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Good intentions…

You know what they say about those, right? The latest shows that old cliché is totally true. León Contreras (Carlos Ponce) is determined to catch the Rainbow killers and put an end to their evil. He’s also interested in other things, but his corrupt boss, Ricardo Vidal (Eric del Castillo) is hindering him at every turn. Thursday, he decided to take a new approach.

La Doña spoilers relate he went directly to his suspect’s, Eduardo Pérez (Agustín Argüello) mother. The talk eventually convinced both parents to go on air to make a plea to their son. They want him to turn himself in and let them help him. This got to Eduardo.

Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Ticking bomb

It’s gotta be lonely locked up in a place in the woods by your nutcase friend. Eduardo has apparently been cracking under the pressure. The televised message pushes him over an edge. He misses them, and he is tired of living a life in hiding. He’s got another concern.

Lucho, his “friend” and fellow Rainbow is, again, not well. La Dona spoilers reveal he casually killed women for sport. He’s also taken out one of their fellow Rainbows. That was to avoid the cops getting information out of him. Eduardo must have known it’s only a matter of time before he ends up on the chopping block, too. That’s why he made the fateful decision to run. But did he do the right thing?

Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Outlook bad

When we left the pair last, Eduardo was busted by his so-called friend. Lucho is obviously not a happy guy right now, and he showed it. He held Eduardo at gunpoint, and we don’t have to guess where that’s going. If he shot Fernando “Nando” Valles (Cuauhtli Jiménez) with barely a thought, can we expect Eduardo to fare any differently? Our money’s on him being a dead man. That’s where it seems León’s fight for justice might backfire.

With Eduardo dead, there’s only Lucho left. And Lucho has a powerful father. While we’re not 100% convinced José Luis will look the other way if evidence comes out against Lucho, it might make Vidal reluctant to pursue the lead. He’s already taken a payout once in Nando’s case. We believe it’s going to take a lot of luck to bring this case to a close.

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