Coronation Street Spoilers: Devastation For Tyrone


Coronation Street spoilers finds that there is set to be heartbreak over the coming weeks for Tyrone Dobbs, as his daughter begins to get wrapped up their messy home life situation. Ruby has been made to watch on over the past number of months as Hope is getting all the attention due to the mess that Jade Stape has caused.

The young girl may be about to take drastic attention to get noticed by Fiz and Tyrone over the coming weeks as she runs away from home, just as Hope did a number of weeks ago. She will do this in the hope of getting more attention from her parents, but could there be disaster on the horizon?

Coronation Street Spoilers: Ruby Tired Of Hope Drama

Tyrone’s daughter has been caught in the middle of the fight over Hope since Jade arrived on the soap. The menacing character had no interest in getting to know Ruby as she wasn’t her sister, and with Tyrone having to fight off the threat of Jade taking custody of Hope, he may have taken his eye off the ball with Ruby.

Fans watched this week as Tyrone went to the cinema with Hope and Jade, as the sister is now allowed custody providing that one of the parents is in attendance. While those three were at the cinema, Ruby was forced to stay at home. Evelyn and Fiz tried to have fun with Ruby, but as soon as Hope got home, she went straight upstairs.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Ruby Being Left Out

Ruby marched straight upstairs when Tyrone and Hope returned home as they talked about how much fun that they had at the cinema. Ruby was having fun with Evelyn, but it’s no secret that she would have been happier at the cinema with her father. The latest rumours are reporting that Ruby will run away over the coming weeks as she looks to get attention from her father.Fans were quick to point out that Ruby has been neglected over the previous couple of months because of all the drama surrounding Hope. But, could her running away go desperately wrong for Tyrone? Fans will have to continue watching to see how it plays out.

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