Coronation Street Spoilers: Financial Ruin For Chesney & Gemma

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Coronation Street spoilers finds that it has been a hard year for one of the youngest couples on the street. Gemma and Chesney Brown had been friends for years before they eventually announced their feelings for one another. But, their relationship sped up immediately, as Gemma revealed that she was pregnant.

Late last year, she finally gave birth to her child, except there wasn’t just one of them. Instead, she gave birth to quadruplets. The young couple were immediately put under pressure, and they weren’t helped much by Gemma’s mother. However, there could be more bad news on the horizon over the coming weeks.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Chesney Rant Loses Freshco Deal

Chesney and Gemma have clashed over recent weeks surrounding the terms of the deal that they signed with Freshco. Gemma was left furious after they heavily photoshopped a picture of the couple so that they looked unrecognisable. However, as ever, Chesney was the voice of reason and admitted that they may need to swallow their pride as they are giving the family a lot of money.

However, over the coming weeks, the tensions surrounding the couple and PR manager Tara continue to escalate. Chesney is left furious with Tara after she fails to rearrange the photoshoot despite Aled’s hearing appointment. Tara admits that they can’t cancel because it would be a breach of their contract.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Does Chesney Live To Regret Outburst?

In the end, the doctors call stating that they need to reschedule the appointment anyway which frees up the quads to have their pictures taken. However, Chesney is left annoyed at the way that Tara treated Gemma and the babies and takes the law into his own hands. During a speech, Tara is interrupted mid-flow by Chesney. He admits that they have been using photoshopped pictures throughout their campaign and calls it a sham. Gemma is proud, but Tara cancels their contract with immediate effect. However, Chesney is quickly aware that he needs a new job and hastily returns t Dev to beg for his old role back.

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