La Doña spoilers: Altagracia the vigilante returns

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La Doña spoilers reveal this new season is going to be intense. Through a series of mini-teasers on the official Instagram, we’ve learned some details about what’s coming in Season Two. Fans of the series might remember that Altagracia Sandoval (Aracely Arámbula) faked her death at the end of Season One. So, what’s brought her back? Here’s what you need to know.

La Doña spoilers: Meeting the Casillos

Fans of El Señor de Los Cielos (Lord of the Skies) will remember the character crossed over to the other series following La Doña’s 2016 Gran Final. A series of complicated events had her join forces with some of the characters. During the guest arc, Altagracia decided her days of hiding were over. She lost everything, and she’s ready to claim it back. There’s just one problem here…

La Doña spoilers: Wanted woman

Our main character has a tragic past. We’ll get into that in depth in another article. For now, suffice it to say that Altagracia was a woman on a mission. Unfortunately, her mission led her to do some questionable things. Things that ended up getting her in the authorities’ crosshairs. In order to avoid a life in jail, Altagracia faked her death and fled to Paris. So, what’s bringing her back? Well, besides wanting what’s hers again?

La Doña spoilers: Tragedy strikes

One of the more obvious things sticks out in the promo above. In it, we see that Saúl José Aguirre (David Chocarro) is missing. Here’s the former love interest of Altagracia, who later became her Son-in-law. Yes, Telemundo keeps bringing the incestuous pairings. Anyway, with the daughter she once gave up desperately searching for her man, it would only make sense for Altagracia to be by her side. Lord knows she must feel she owes Mónica Eulalia Hernández (Danna Paola) after everything that went down in Season One. But there’s another, darker, reason that might bring her back into action.

La Doña spoilers: Los Arcoíris

This show has a strange way of naming their bad guys. Last season, Altagracia was facing off against Los Monkeys. Now, there’s a new group of killers in town, and they’re called The Rainbows. As you can see in this promo, their name comes from how they mark their victims with paint gun bullets. It’s insane, and we’re here for it.

Of course, this promo shows us we can expect a lot more of Altagracia the vigilante. She’s going on a hunt, and we’ll bet she’s going to come out on the other side unscathed. But, will it be enough to keep her out of the law’s hands? We’ll have to wait and see. The season is rumored to premiere in mid-to-late December. It will take the time slot currently occupied by El Final del Paraíso (End of Paradise). There’s also a limited series that will be in between, called Decisiones: Unos Ganan, Otros Pierden (Decisions: Some win, others lose).

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