‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Can Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) Bring Lucas Back From His Coma?

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'General Hospital' Spoilers: Can Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) Bring Lucas Back From His Coma?

‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers has revealed Dr. Griffin Munro’s (Matthew Joseph Cohen) is back on the soap. GH Spoilers also says Carly Corinthos is so sad now that Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) has gone into a coma, causing doctors to put him on  a life support. This is as a result of the motor accident that almost took his life will leave him needing the service of a specialist, and Carly will believe that she knows just the right candidate who can do the job!

‘General Hospital’ spoilers tell us that Carly Corinthos will call Griffin Munro, begging him to come back to Port Charles. She will beg, hoping that Griffin help bring Lucas out of his coma. Griffin cannot turn Carly down. He will come, but he tells her that he can’t bring Lucas out of his coma even though he will do all he can do.

We do not know yet how long Griffin will be saying in Port Charles, but he might be staying for a long time. After all he can’t bring someone out of a coma overnight. Griffin will need some time to think and figure out how best he can handle everything. Lucas also Knows the whole truth about Wiley Cooper-jones. The GH producers wouldn’t bother with Lucas’ coma if they didn’t want the secret to remain a secret for a while longer, at least that’s what initial reports are telling us.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Would Griffin Bring Back Lucas From Coma?

Eventually, Lucas should come out of his coma, but Griffin will have a lot of work to do before we see Lucas walking again. This is giving Griffin a chance to reconnect with friends in Port Charles. Anna Devane is one of them. We all know she has a special bond with him and she only just returned to Port Charles! Anna will meet with Griffin again and maybe she will count on him for his support after Peter August’s secret is revealed. The duo have been confidantes to each other in the past, so Griffin would be there for her without complaints.

And there is also Ava Jerome! Griffin might also go see her at Shadybrook to show his support. Kiki Jerome’s death left him upset last time he left town. Griffin might have done a little bit of soul-searching after leaving Port Charles. The death experience changed him, so he would understand if it had changed Ava as well. We look forward for some Griffin and Ava scenes.As for Griffin’s mission in Port Charles, we are sure he will perform wonders on Lucas.

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