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Check Out The Trailer for Lost in Space Season 2

Check Out The Trailer for Lost in Space Season 2

Netflix’s Lost in Space is a show that took me two viewings of season one to appreciate. It was firmly on the “watch later” bench but it’s really enjoyable.  I’m guessing it’s down to me not being a fan of the 1960s original or the 1998 film.  

That said, Netflix’s remake is actually better than the original since it’s not an “adventure of the week” or “creature of the week” format—something I’m not a fan of at all.  

The Lost in Space Season 2 Trailer 

This brings us to the trailer for season two of Lost in Space. It dropped late last week, giving us enough time to get in our viewing of recent Netflix releases and whatever old shows we’ve been binging. I’ve finished V Wars and I’m on Black Summer and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. So, to give Lost in Space season two a good watch, I’ll have to finish up these two since they were eating up my time before V Wars. 

However, season two is looking a lot better than the first. It looks as though the Robinson family is in for deep trouble. I mean, that’s normally the case when you’re in space to begin with and slingshot into another galaxy far from your salvation. Just write it off as a wrap. 

Season one was more about setting the tone and establishing this modern Lost in Space as its own thing. The excite did pick up in the second half and in ten episodes, it ended up establishing itself as better than the original with over 80 episodes.  

I would put Lost in Space’s first season as an example of how TV writing in this decade and really stands out as opposed to the source material it was based on. There’s more to bite on here and character development is more important than throwing threat after threat at your viewer and the crew. 

That isn’t to say that season two looks to be more subdued. This trailer shows that the Robinsons will be dealing with greater dangers both unknown and suspected. Dr. Smith, in particular, has my attention this season. 

Dive into the trailer below and dive into Lost in Space season on December 24.