‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Shiloh Shakes Up Sam, DoD Leader Has New Tricks Up His Sleeve!

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Shiloh Shakes Up Sam With Menacing Threat - DoD Leader Has New Tricks Up His Sleeve!

General Hospital spoilers indicate that poor Peter August (Wes Ramsey) will make a confession to Maxie, that he’s come within a hair’s breadth of giving up on love. However Maxie tells him that love is something that he should never give up on, and she has shown him what love could possibly look like, so I guess we have a taker.

‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoilers: Shiloh Shakes Up Sam With Menacing Threat – DoD Leader Has More Tricks Up His Sleeve!

The S.S. Paxie is due to weather some storms up again so we’ll see how well this little agreement holds up. This is soap opera country, so literally anything can happen between now and say… Friday? Ha!

Poor Willow will be in the depths of despair as Detective Harrison Chase tells her that somehow, Shiloh managed to shenanigan his way out of things and walk free. Detective Chase hates that Shiloh got free, but he’ll vow to protect Willow and her son Wiley no matter what. Even with this vow, however, Willow will remain a bundle of nerves.

Poor girl! Shiloh will use his newfound freedom to taunt Sam, and make her think that he’s a lot scarier than he actually is. Sam tells him where to get off, but before he leaves, Shiloh will make a threat that shakes Sam up. Of course, all she has to do is tell her mafia enforcer boyfriend and he’s toast, which may be exactly what she’ll do.

‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoilers: Jason Want To Kill Shiloh

This will make Jason contact Sonny, and he’ll suggest to Sonny that they pop off Shiloh first thing. The only thing stopping Sonny is his daughter Kristina’s plea for them to keep within the confines of the law. Sonny wants to keep a cooler, more level-headed approach this time and Kristina will remind him of that.

She wants to be strong and actually face Shiloh instead of having Daddy put him down like a dog, and her wanting to take him down means remaining within the confines of the law so she can do so legally. Jason and Sonny are going to have a lot of food for thought for their next plan of action.

Meanwhile, Dr. Neil Byrne will wonder what Alexis’ next move is, and she won’t exactly have an answer for that. Both of her daughters are out of harm’s way for now. She could potentially involve herself in any upcoming legal battle that Brad and Lucas would have against Shiloh for Wiley however. Who knows what’ll happen? Stay tuned!