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'Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers - Bill's Act Keeps On, For Now...

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers – Bill’s Act Keeps On, For Now…

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers relate that Bill’s changed man act is still on, at least for now. He’s refusing to talk to the police about the assassination that was attempted on his life, but will this last if he doesn’t get what he wants: Brooke? Here’s the recap of Tuesday, November 27.

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers – Tuesday, November 27 Recap: Bill’s Not Pressing Charges

At Steffy’s Forrester house – Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is talking with her mom Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo). Steffy’s trying to calm down her mom by saying that everything is going to be ok and she shouldn’t let things consume her. Taylor is obsessed with the idea that Bill (Don Diamont) might press charges against her for shooting him. Steffy and Liam (Scott Clifton) are together playing with Kelly (Zoe Pennington).

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers – Liam Unimpressed By Taylor’s Action, Steffy Defensive

Steffy is talking with Liam about her mom who just left. Liam asks how she’s doing? Steffy explains that everything’s ok, she’s still doing her therapy so she can get back to her job. Liam reminds her that Taylor tried to kill his father. She promises to Liam that what happened is not gonna happen again. Her mom is going to different therapy sessions now and she will be ok. She is also very ashamed for what she did and wants to get back to work again.

Liam explains to Steffy that he feels insecure knowing Taylor is near Kelly. Steffy doesn’t understand Liam. Taylor loves Kelly and she’ll never hurt her in anyway. He explains that it would be better if her mom wouldn’t spent so much time around Kelly. But Steffy’s furious: It’s her mom!

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers – Taylor Still Not A Fan of Bill’s

At Bill’s office – Bill’s talking with Justin (Aaron D. Spears). Bill can’t believe that detective Sanchez (Jeremy Ray Valdez) is still trying to solve his case. Taylor walks in and asks Bill for a moment alone. She came to ask Bill if he’s gonna keep his promise to not send her to prison and in the process separate her from Steffy and Kelly. Bill reminds her that he promised that it’ll be a secret. Taylor thanks him for keeping his word, but lets him know that he should feel guilty for destroying Steffy’s marriage. Bill doesn’t take it lightly and is tells Taylor that she better leave by herself or she’ll be escorted out.

At Forrester Creation office – Liam, Hope (Annika Noelle) and Brooke (Katherine
Kelly Lang) are talking about the baby to come. Brooke is convinced that Liam’s gonna be a very good father to his daughter to come based on how he’s taking care of the other daughter, Kelly. Hope tells Brooke that she feels like she’s losing her time with her line on the internet. She feels like Steffy’s line is much better than hers. Brooke says that ”Hope for the future” is one of the most popular lines out there. Hope asks her to remind Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) of that tonight.

The ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers – Hope Heading Down the Brooke Path

Brooke explains that she knows she’s frustrated with work, but she should try not to be upset with Steffy’s line. Brooke also mentions that Steffy’s taking advantage of Liam and she should open her eyes to it. Hope says that she’s ok with Liam spending time with Kelly, Steffy and his daughter. Brooke tells Hope that there are similarities, red flags and she doesn’t want Hope to be hurt the way she herself was. Hope tells Brooke that she and Steffy are aware of their history and that they want to raise their kids in a healthier way that will keep the peace for everybody.

Brooke is unsure if Steffy will be able to, especially if she behaves like her mom. Taylor blames Brooke for everything that went wrong in her life and she’s afraid that the same thing will happen to her. Taylor then walks in on Hope who was by herself. She asks Hope if she’s taking Steffy’s office now?  Hope is stunned.

Taylor mentions that she’ll be around spending time with Steffy and Kelly.
The reason she’s here is to be sure that Hope will be supportive, even after their baby’s born.  Hope says that she always pushed Liam to spend time with Kelly and it will always be the same. Taylor says that the same situation happened to her because of Brooke, and now the same thing is happening to her daughter, because of her. Her daughter and granddaughter are now alone, faraway from her husband.

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