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'Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers - Break in Bill's Shooter Mystery Case? Taylor Still Hates Him

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers – Break in Bill’s Shooter Mystery Case? Taylor Still Hates Him

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ spoilers relate that a break could be made in Bill’s mystery shooter’s case soon. Meanwhile Bill is still preaching his changed man spiel, but will that stop once he finds out just who was behind the assassination attempt? Let’s take a look at the recap of yesterday’s show.

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers – Bill Admits Brooke Is Reason For Change

At Bill’s office – Bill (Don Diamont) and Justin Barber (Aaron D.Spears) are talking.
Justin can’t believe his eyes that he changed so much and says that if he truly did, it’s because of Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). Bill jokingly calls Justin jealous and gives him a hug. Bill admits that he changed because of Brooke . Justin tells Bill that he shouldn’t stop pressing charges against Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) now that he could be with Brooke. Bill says that he could hurt Brooke by going this route and that’s not something he wants.


The ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers – Bill’s Assassination Attemp Back On the Docketts?

Detective Sanchez (Jeremy Ray Valdez) walks in. He’s not here to discuss Bill not pressing charges against Ridge; he’s here for another matter altogether. He’s here for what happened to him when he was shot in his own living room. Bill says that he has a lots of enemies there and that he can’t blame Ridge, he was wrong. Sanchez wants an answer from Bill.

Bill refuses to say to detective Sanchez who shot him in his house. Instead, Bill tells him that he was hallucinating. He doesn’t want to cooperate with him. He’s not going to press charges because he doesn’t have anything else to tell to him. Detective Sanchez starts walking towards the door but not before giving to Bill his card, just in case he remembers anything. Justin doesn’t understand why Bill’s not pressing charges.

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers – So What’s the Name Gonna Be

At Forrester Creation office – Liam (Scott Clifton), Hope (Annika Noelle) and Brooke are discussing the name Liam and Hope are gonna give to baby to come.They have a list of names. Liam and Hope start hugging and kissing, meanwhile Brooke starts crying; she’s very happy for them both. She brought a present for the baby to come. She says that Liam and Hope are gonna be exceptional parents to the little girl to come. Nothing brings her more joy than seeing them so happy.

Brooke admits that Bill changed a lot after he got out from hospital because of the fight with Thorne and Ridge. He could have pressed charges but he didn’t. Liam expresses some doubt and wonder if the changes are gonna last. Brooke feels confident that they will. She says that Bill regrets what he did to Liam and that he wants to make it right. In her words Bill’s not asking for forgiveness, he just wants to be a better person going forward. He wants to grow and to learn. Brooke understands what Bill had to endure in the last year and she knows he changed.

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers – Taylor Feels the Heat

Hope says that whatever happened happened, and they need to try to put all of it behind them and live normally going forward.Brooke asks if the person who shot Bill in his house has been apprehended. Hope says that this can happen again, but Liam disagrees. Brooke says that the person who tried to kill him should be arrested and Bill should have a bodyguard.

At Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) house – Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Kelly (Zoe Pennington) are just arriving . Taylor is very happy to see them; she was missed them so much. She asks Steffy what’s new in her life. Steffy says that she’s so busy. Taylor wants to know about her and Liam. In her opinion, Liam shouldn’t be married to Hope. She feels what happened to Steffy and Kelly is very unfair. There has to be a way for Kelly to have a father. She feels that something has to be done to make it right. In her opinion, Steffy looks unhappy and should be living with Liam and Kelly.
Steffy says that Liam has a new home and it’s with his family.

‘B&B’ Spoilers – Taylor Still Hates Bill

Her mom insists that she should be with Liam. Bill destroyed her family and her marriage. She can’t forget and forgive that.
Her mom is in a group therapy session so she can have back her job. Her mom is good now, but Steffy doesn’t believe her, because of the way she spoke about Bill. It’s very hard on the nerves. Bill’s being a source of so much hate for her and specially for Steffy, her mom says. Steffy says that it could be more hate for her if she actually turned herself in for shooting Bill. She should be grateful to Bill, because he is the one to keep her out of jail. Taylor says that whatever she did to Bill doesn’t excuse him for what he did to her and to her marriage.

Steffy says to Taylor that there’s no excuse for someone to shoot anybody.
Taylor explains how she went to his house, found the door opened, entered, found a gun on the table and shot Bill. She’s ashamed of what she did and starts crying. She wonders if Bill’s gonna press charges against her and whether she’s gonna have to live her life behind bars, away from her daughter. Steffy assures her saying that that this not gonna happen because Bill’s a changed man.

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