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Days of our Lives Halloween Week on DOOL

‘Days of our Lives’ Recap Friday, October 26 – Crazy Finale Before DOOL Halloween Week!

‘Days of our Lives’ recap for Friday, October 26 is in. Another week has come and gone on DOOL, and there was a lot happening. Let’s take a minute to break down some recent events and how they played out on Friday while we look to Days of our Lives Halloween week.

Abigail Devereaux (Marci Miller) has been having some tough times, thanks to her so-called best friend, Gabi (Camila Banus). Can we take a minute to reiterate how weird it is that Abigail’s alter is also called Gabby? Yeah. Anyway, Gabi has been determined to get revenge on her friend for her unjust prison stint and the aftermath. Specifically, Gabi can’t have kids now thanks to a prison beatdown. To even the score, Gabi’s been pulling all kinds of stunts (including drugging Abigail) to make her (and others) think that Gabby-with-a-y is back.

Gabi vs. Gabby!

Her most recent stunt even had Gabi hitting herself to make it look like Abigail attacked her in a Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) episode. However, Abigail doesn’t believe that she’s sick again. She’s convinced of Gabi’s treachery, and after Kate claimed to be attacked by her alter as well, Abigail has suddenly refused the help she was going to seek out to prove her theory. Way to play into enemy hands, Abigail!

Now, Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) has made the tough decision to have Abigail committed and even got a judge’s approval. Abigail, however, appears to have anticipated this and she’s gone to Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher) for help. Meanwhile, JJ (Casey Moss) and Gabi find Abigail at Stefan’s. They make a call, and Chad and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) come running. They insist that they’re doing this for her own good and Abigail has no choice in the matter. Abigail begs to disagree here, because only her husband can do such a thing. Chad points out that he is her husband, and that’s when Stefan shows off a ring on his finger. We’ll see how that plays out next week.

Other DOOL News

The other big story this week was the “Baby Bonnie” custody battle. She’s not actually Bonnie’s (Judie Eans) and Lucas’ (Bryan Dattilo) baby, but Mimi’s. Bonnie talked her daughter into the lie to get out of jail, which has blown up, as Lucas is refusing to risk Bonnie taking off with his kid. Today, the plot got even more complicated. Belle (Martha Madison) has been talked into helping Bonnie get custody on Mimi’s behalf, and has worked out a visitation. They’re supposedly bringing Bonnie the baby so that Bonnie can’t escalate any fights, but in reality, Belle’s just helping Mimi get some time with her daughter.

This gets sticky for two reasons: One, the real baby daddy (Rex) comes across Mimi and her child while out, and he’s obviously feeling a bond with her. Secondly, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) comes across a drunk Bonnie and raises a stink about it. Bonnie, too plastered to think, says that the baby isn’t his. She manages to cover (as least enough for Lucas to believe her), but Chloe has put the pieces together. We’ll see how, and when, she tells Lucas and what that will mean. Finally, we got to see who Rex’s fiancee is, Sarah—who appears to be the daughter of Maggie. The buildup to this finale has been intense this week and we’re sure to be in for a horrific (in a good way) ride next week.

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