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Tyler Christopher out from Days of our Lives - Brandon Barash in

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Tyler Christopher Is Out! Brandon Barash permanent as Stefan DiMera?

‘Days of our Lives’ spoilers are in and it looks like Tyler Christopher (Stefan DiMera) is leaving DOOL! Initially, the plan was for him to be taking time off and to return later in the same role, however, he is completely off DOOL. Christopher (Stefan DiMera), had taken time off for personal reasons and Brandon Barash, (ex-Johnny Zacharra on General Hospital), took his place. Apparently now the switch may be permanent. There is no word yet of Barash being the permanent replacement or not, that is still up in the air. Christopher joined the Days cast in December 2017 and was received with mixed feedback. Then he took a leave of absence, that’s when Brandon Barash filled in, and was received very well.

Brandon Barash to take over as Stefan DiMera on ‘DOOL’?

There have been many soap sites that are saying that Christopher is out and will not return to DOOL. Barash was off GH but would come in episodes every now and then. Barash was only supposed to fill in for Christopher while he was on his break. He did not know whether he would be a permanent fixture on Days of our Lives.  It looks as if Barash could end up landing this job as Stefan DiMera if he wants it. If he does not sign on permanently, the casting will seek elsewhere. No one really knows what is going to happen when its all said and done. Barash may not take the full-time role, due to things in life being more important. He is the father of Harper Rose Barash, who is his child with GH’s Kristen Storms (Maxie Jones).

So, what’s next for Tyler Christopher? Of course, we all know that there are rumors floating around. When Christopher (Nikolas Cassidine) was on GH, the story line never stated that they found Cassidine’s body. Therefore, it would be quite simple to bring him back to the show. There are many fans that would love for the show to bring Nikolas back. There’s also been talk that many fans would rather have someone else play Nikolas, but they do want his character back on GH.

NBC is keeping their lips tightly closed on who may take over the Stefan DiMera role as of now on DOOL. Clearly, the rumors are out there on this situation, but nothing has been verified as of today. In the world of soaps, the actors switch in and out often, and they do it with ease. In our opinion, I don’t think NBC would have a hard time finding another DiMera.

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