Youtuber Jake Paul In the Hospital, Unable To Compete On Mike Tyson Fight Undercard

So Jake Paul was set to compete on the undercard of a Mike Tyson fight recently, however, due to a recent update he gave from the hospital fans are speculating that he may just have to pull out of the fight. When asked about what he was doing in the hospital, he answered with, “I’m just chillin’ man, my team was afraid I was becoming Iron Man.

I punched a hole through a car.” Yeah uh. likely story Jake. It’s actually speculated among fans that he had a black eye and a broken nose and that was why he was in the hospital. Though, no one could really tell, he was wearing a mask.

Youtube – Jake Paul unable to compete?

If that be the case, then, dang bro, who got the drop on Jake Paul? One of his ring opponents or was it a particularly aggressive punching bag? Or maybe there was a really stupid accident that he’s just not admitting to, like maybe he was on his way to the gym and wiped out down the stairs of that huge callabassis mansion.

It’s a possibility, I mean, maybe Zeus the dog left one of his toys on the stairs for Dad to trip in hopes that his prank would go viral and Dad would share the wealth and he would get his own doggy mansion filled with toys and treats, and all the french poodles he could want. Ahem.

Youtube- Or… could it be COVID?

Jake Paul hasn’t been the best at social distancing over the summer so it’s only natural that at one time or another his immune system would finally tell him “ENOUGH ALREADY!” and let in the dreaded bug that has now killed over 200,000 Americans.

He has been spotted out at rager parties, even earlier in the summer he was making videos at his mansion where the shoots called for way more than 10 people, which was the limit for most productions at the time. There were hundreds of people at the mansion back then. Supposedly he’s kind of cooled it on the people at least at his house, and he says he gets tested for COVID all the time because he says he has to keep in tip top shape in order to be able to fight.

But COVID does not discriminate. If he was exposed to even one person for 15 minutes, then there is a possibility he could have gotten the disease, and that could be why he’s in the hospital, “just chillin’”. But if he doesn’t have it and he did just go in for a black eye and a broken nose, man, those COVID tests are going to be hell in the future. Ouch!!! We’ll keep you updated. Stay tuned!!!

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