ABC ‘The Bachelor – Listen To Your Heart’ Spoilers: Trevor Holmes and Cheating Allegations!

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Listen To Your Heart finds that on last week’s episode of Listen to Your Heart, we got to see a friend of Trevor Holmes’ ex-girlfriend. She came right in and started telling all of the other housemates that Trevor was a cheater and the ladies needed to watch out. This was a huge surprise to him because he had to ask this girl who she was. Then he found out that , Natascha Bessez, is a good friend of one of his exes. We have the full story on what happened with Trevor and what he told Jamie Gabrielle.

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Trevor Comes Clean to Jamie

After Bessez had a chat with Trevor, he knew it was time to tell Jamie about his past. The only thing he would tell her was that he was involved in some “emotional cheating.” Jamie was unsure of what to do with Trevor, but did end up giving him another chance. Cameras caught her crying and confessing that “every relationship that I’ve ever been in, I’ve been cheated on.”

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Listen To Your Heart- Trevor Holmes and Cheating

Viewers are curious why she has given him more than one chance after learning this about her past. “I was just trying to follow my heart and to go with those feelings. And I had, you know, spent the time I had with him, and you know, I, you know, asked my questions, he answered, and I decided that I wanted to move on and I believe that people can change.”

Jamie didn’t really believe that Natascha was thinking of the other women in the house, she thought that she was just trying to start some drama. “I think a lot of it was, you know, very, you know, dramatic, you know, aggressive. You know, up at this point, you know, Trevor’s this nice guy and sweet and saying all the, you know, right things.”

Natascha shared with fans, “There are so many other women he has done this to and it’s shocking to me to see how many women have kind of been caught up in his web. You can play some of the other girls, maybe, and win them over with the pretty eyes and the cute smile and the singing to them, but it’s not gonna work on me.”

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