ABC ‘The Bachelor’: Listen to Your Heart Spoilers – American Idol’s Trevor Holmes and Cheating Accusations

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ spoilers finds that fans weren’t so sure about the new Bachelor series, Listen to Your Heart. The idea of this show is for a couple to meet, fall in love, and sing together. It was inspired by a Star is Born and Chris Harrison thinks that it will be a new hit for fans of the Bachelor. One of the cast members who has gotten a lot of backlash is Trevor Holmes. In the spoilers for tonight’s episode, we will see a woman that knows his ex-girlfriend and accuses him of cheating and in front of other cast members. Things are going to get crazy, for sure!

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Listen to Your Heart Spoilers – Cheating, Scandals, Making Out

We have met quite a few hot contestants on Listen to Your Heart and we will meet more tonight. One of the contestants we will meet is Natascha. She is an old friend of one of Trevor’s exes and she has a lot to say about him. She confronts him as soon as she sees him and it was a total shock to Trevor. “I was kind of blindsided by this whole thing. I didn’t know who she was until she sat me down and told me. It’s not something that I think anyone is prepared for or can expect. But it’s life.”

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Listen to Your Heart Spoilers – Trevor Holmes and Cheating Accusations

Trevor does seem to have a positive attitude about everything so far though. “It is a big deal, but just like any other part of life, you can’t control things that have happened. All you can control is how you react. I think I was nothing but myself on this show. I’m proud of my journey that I’ve had on this show.”

When Trevor first started on the show, he and Jamie had an instant connection, so instant that they ended up in the hot tub making out. “It’s rare when you meet someone and you just feel this instantaneous connection. It’s almost like you’ve known them for years, and that’s the instant spark I felt with Jamie. I’m aware that Jamie is a hot commodity in the house. I think a lot of the guys are attracted to Jamie. I didn’t have any agenda or plan to try and stick around as long as I can. I’m not playing any games or anything like that, and so I wanted to give a fair chance to try and talk to the other girls and see if there’s anything else there. But I felt right up front that my connection os with Jamie.”

Stay tuned for more of Trevor and Jamie on The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart. It airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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