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FOX The Masked Singer Spoilers: Comedy night brings two new contestants to challenge Bride




FOX The Masked Singer spoilers reveal they’ll be bringing the laughs tonight. The theme for the evening will bring at least two comedians into the action. Plus, we’ll see two new contestants take on Bride. Here’s what you need to know. Plus, some thoughts on the competition so far.

FOX The Masked Singer Spoilers: Catch up

First, The Masked Singer spoilers reveal we had a bit of a scheduling change, with an episode airing on a Sunday. That was, unfortunately, what was likely to be the last appearance by the late Leslie Jordan for Hall of Fame night. Bride, Gopher, and Venus Fly Trap all competed to move on, with Bride taking the win.

To be honest, this was the first night of the competition where we didn’t have one performer that stood out as amazing. Nor was there a clear winner, which we found ironic on Hall of Fame night. Ultimately, Gopher and Venus Fly trap went home. They were unmasked as George Clinton and George Foreman, respectively. But there was other disappointment ahead.

FOX The Masked Singer Spoilers: ‘90s night

So, The Masked Singer spoilers reveal they also had a ‘90s night, with Lance Bass and Danielle Fishel were special guests, helping hand out clues to the singer’s identities. We loved it, as well as the reveal of one of the contestants. So, who competed? Walrus and Milkshake came to challenge the lambs for the crown. And we have to say, this episode was a first for us.

We knew within a few seconds of the clue package who Walrus was—Joey Lawrence of Blossom fame. The leather jacket and flannel thing was unmistakable, as was the tone of Walrus’ voice. We’re disappointed he didn’t get to face off with the Lambs, but it was nice to see him back. As for Milkshake, it was athlete Le’Veon Bell.

FOX The Masked Singer Spoilers: What now?

So, what’s next? The show’s theme for the night is Comedy Roast Night. The episode will feature guests Jon Lovitz, who will take a shot at panelist Ken Jeong while delivering a clue about one of the constant’s identities. We’ll also see Drew Carey make an appearance as Snowstorm and Avocado compete against returning Bride.

We’re looking forward to seeing how these performances go, as well as Snowstorm’s roast of Nick Cannon. It left us laughing out loud in the promo. We’re still iffy on this format for the season, as some of these constants seemed fun and should have had more opportunities to shine.

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