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FOX The Masked Singer Spoilers: Muppet Night brings two new challengers! Can they beat the new Queen?




FOX The Masked Singer spoilers reveal Harp is already going to the end, but who will join her? Andrew Lloyd Webber night was delayed because of sports, but we finally got to see the next batch of contestants perform. Here’s what we think, as well as what’s ahead for tonight.

FOX The Masked Singer Spoilers: Back in action

After a week delay, we got to see three new characters take the stage. They were Maize, Mermaid, and Robo Girl. It was going to be a tough act to follow after watching the Harp rule this competition for the first few weeks. But one contestant was up to the challenge, and we think the panel made the right choice. While all the singers did well, we felt Robo Girl was the clear winner of the night. And she definitely ruled “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” in the battle round. So, it’s no surprise she is now the new Queen of the competition. But who else was part of the action?

The Masked Singer spoilers indicate Mermaid was revealed to be disco star Gloria Gaynor, who closed out her brief stint on the show with her hit, “I Will Survive.” Maize, meanwhile, was revealed to be Mario Cantone. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s an actor/comedian/writer/singer who is known for movies like Quiz Show and the series Sex and the City.

FOX The Masked Singer Spoilers: The theme…

Tonight, the show is going to take a lot of people back. The theme is “Muppets Night” and we’ll see several of the famous characters turn up. As someone who grew up watching Muppet Babies and the movies, this should be a fun one. The Masked Singer spoilers reveal we’ll see Animal on stage, as well as Miss Piggy hanging with the panel. They’re also promising a showdown that is “startling.” Does this mean it’s that good, or will a contestant shock everyone by getting the crown? Tune in to find out.

FOX The Masked Singer Spoilers: Who’s next?

So, Robo Girl managed to take the crown last week. So she’ll have to defend her title against two new characters. They will be Lambs and Beetle. Yes, that first one is plural, so we’re looking at yet another trio taking the stage. Let’s see if they’ll be as good as Mummies were. Or last longer. This season, you don’t get many chances to make your mark on the competition. We obviously can’t make a guess as to what’ll happened tonight without hearing the other contestants, but if Robo Girl is who we think it could be, we hope she’ll take the crown again.

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