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FOX The Masked Singer spoilers: One last chance!




The Masked Singer spoilers reveal tonight’s the last chance for one of the remaining contestants to compete in the final. Whoever wins will face off against Firefly and Ringmaster for the title. And given the people left, we have a pretty good idea of at least one who is leaving. Here’s what you need to know. Plus, let’s talk last week’s episode.

The Masked Singer spoilers: Last chance

First, The Masked Singer spoilers reveal tonight is the last chance for that third spot in the final. Space Bunny, Prince, and Queen Cobra will perform tonight to see who’ll move on. The thing is, two of the three will be going home tonight. We’re willing to bet money Space Bunny is out. However, Prince and Queen Cobra have, in our opinion, an equal chance to get that last spot. Tonight will also be filled with wild guess from Ken Jeong, who will believe Queen Cobra is a trio of solo artists. We think Ken shouldn’t bet much on that…

The Masked Singer spoilers: What we think

We’re still not sure about the Prince. However, we’re going to say that Queen Cobra has to be En Vogue. There will be three cobras on the stage tonight. Plus, those vocals just remind us of the trio, which now includes former MMC cast member Rhona Bennett. Again, we’d think the timing of the trio’s inclusion would be perfect, given they’re on the New Kids on the Block’s Mixtape Tour 2022.

Will they get to the final? We’re not sure. There are already two powerhouse female vocalists in the final, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Prince end up with that last spot. But if we were picking? We think Queen Cobra should have the edge.

The Masked Singer spoilers: About last week…

So, The Masked Singer spoilers reveal last week went pretty much the way we thought. Baby Mammoth and Space Bunny had to face-off to see which one was going to make it to tonight’s episode. In the end, Baby Mammoth was unmasked, and we weren’t surprised by who was under that costume.

Kirstie Alley, who played Rebecca Howe on Cheers was behind the mask. This was great timing for us, as we just started watching reruns of the show for the first time. Looking back, you can definitely hear her voice in the performances and her character’s energy was close to the actress’.

After the revel, she did an interview where she explained her motivation for going on the show. Apparently, she just wanted to do something different to keep things interesting. She also had some advice for future contestants on the series: less is more. She explained her costume was so big and complex, it made it hard to sing. And she joked that it nearly broke her back. Check out the video above to see the interview and what else she had to say.

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