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Britney Spears details medical PTSD in deleted IG post

Was there anything that wasn’t done to Britney Spears during her 13 year consevatorship? it would seem that she has all kinds of PTSD from the experience, including medical PTSD, which, anyone who has it can attest is one of the worst things you can experience.

Simply because needing medical attention is unavoidable at some points in your life, but when one has medical PTSD, then it makes one reluctant to even want to seek medical care ever again. This seems to be the case with Britney, as she detailed it all in a now deleted IG post. You can’t help but cringe in sympathy at her descriptions.

Britney Spears details medical PTSD in deleted IG post

“Oh dear God… to all the nurses who came to that place during those 4 months watching me change 3 times a day… showering like I was in prison and don’t forget the drawing of blood. Every Wednesday I would be weak as fuck while my family enjoyed my beach house in Destin!!! Oh dear God, I am so blessed to be traumatized and to never have a day go by where I’m not bitter as fuck because they all got away with it!!!

Oops, and don’t forget you dear folks, people sitting down and doing blood pressure 3 times just to get it RIGHT!!! And my one outing a week driving 20mph to get there… life goes on… not a big deal AT ALL!!! Just want to send my love and rememberance to those who cleverly TOOK CARE OF ME BUT ALSO HAD ME IN A CHAIR WORKING FOR THEM!!! I’m just saying… stay gold folks!!! It’s a shit race people!!! Life comes fast if and if you don’t move fast you might just miss it!!!”

Poor Britney.

We do wonder what on earth could have triggered her medical PTSD, because that’s not a fun thing to have triggered at all. Maybe she had to see a fertility doctor, since she and Sam are trying for a baby, or perhaps she had to do some telehealth or something, we don’t know and we’re not owed that.

It honestly sounds like she was plagued with the student nurses from hell, however, just from her description. Anyone else reminded of the time on Will & Grace when Grace Adler (Debra Messing) gave blood? That’s how it seems to be. Yike! Again, poor Britney… we hope she’s okay. Stay tuned!!!