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British Prime Minister Liz Truss Mistaken For A ‘Minor Royal’ By Australian Newscaster, Gets Apology

Yikes. Now this isn’t the kind of mistake that you want to make. British Royal News says that an Australian news presenter has spoken out after mistaking Prime Minister Liz Truss for a “minor royal.” Here’s what you need to know.

An Australian journalist has defended himself after failing to recognise UK prime minister Liz Truss while covering the Queen’s funeral.  Channel 9 presenters Peter Overton and Tracy Grimshaw were commenting on yesterday’s ceremony at Westminster Abbey when they became the center of an embarrassing gaffe.

Prime Minister Liz Truss Gets An Apology After Being Mistaken For A ‘Minor Royal’

 They said they were having difficulty identifying everyone making their way into the central London church, with Mr Overton suggesting Ms Truss could have been a “minor royal.”

Britain’s new prime minister has only been in the job for two weeks, having met the Queen to form a new government just two days before the 96-year-old monarch died. Nonetheless, the pair were ridiculed over social media, with people describing the blunder as “embarrassing” and accusing the presenters of not “doing their homework”.

Overton has since spoken out, blaming technical issues for the mistake and insisting he definitely would recognise the prime minister otherwise. He tweeted: “We were relying on a video feed for live stream of arrivals. At times the video would freeze so we’d turn around to try to catch a glimpse. I do know what British PM, Liz Truss looks like. The back of her hat, not so much!”

Speaking to Australian talk radio station 2GB, the news anchor joked: “I’ve upset a couple of my Pommy cousins. We were told there was another motorcade arriving, and lost our monitor with the broadcast feed.”

Meanwhile, Liz Truss says that she was honored to have met with the Queen in her final days. The prime minister said she felt it was a critical part of her role to ensure that this “important moment in our nation’s history” was properly marked. Asked how she felt about the first two whirlwind weeks of her premiership, Truss said: “First of all it’s been a momentous period and a period of great grief and sadness in the UK and I think we’ve seen a huge outpouring of love and affection for her late Majesty as well as a huge amount of warmth toward Charles III.”

Truss also described seeing the streets lined as she traveled to Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, as well as from London to Windsor for yesterday’s funeral.

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