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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Kadie & Alejandro, Shaun & Christine & Couples to root for on 90 day fiancé UK

So far, only two episodes of 90 day fiancé UK has dropped, but the reviews are in and the fandom is here for it. So far here are the most adorable, most couple-y couples on 90 day fiancé UK. Hands down who wins the first round would be Kadie and Alejandro. Kadie is a nurse from the UK and Alejandro hails all the way from Mexico. They are super cute together and have the most adorable vibe.

They seem to genuinely support each other and while Kadie does have the addition of her Grandma to think about when potentially relocating with Alejandro, her Grandma is not a Karen. In fact, her Grandma is supportive of their relationship in the most adorable way possible.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Couples to root for on 90 day fiancé UK

We’re not so sure about Alejandro’s folks, because they seem a bit more reserved about the relationship, and they just don’t want Alejandro getting into a married relationship just yet because he and Kadie haven’t been together for that long.

It’s sound advice the advice that they’re giving him, but we’re just not sure that Alejandro is in listening mode right now. We think that he’s simply in the honeymoon stage and is blinded by love at the moment – not a very wrong place to be, we’re all entertained by their dynamic. This is one couple that we think actually may have staying power.

The other couple in question is Shaun and Christine. Shaun lives in the UK and Christine lives in the Phillipines. They have been together a long time it looks like and even share a son together, Shaun wants nothing more than to reunite the family because he has not seen his son in two years due to COVID.

They do seem to be genuinely loving and supportive of one another and want nothing more than to be together and live as a family, but their visa was getting denied. However, it seems that they’ve overcome that obstacle and are now on their way to being reunited again, and we can’t wait to see it. We’re rooting for them. Stay tuned!!!