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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Why Everyone hates Olivia Plath

Have you seen social media lately? It started last week, with the previews of Welcome to Plathville, and just went from there. Apparently there was going to be some conflict over the Plaths visiting baby Joshua Plath’s grave, the child that Kim and Barry lost due to a tragic accident on their farm back in 2008.

Now, when it was discovered that Kim had lost a child due to this accident, a lot of people criticized her, saying that she should have been more vigilant and how on earth could her 18 month old son have gotten run over by a car that she was driving. The fact of the matter is, accidents happen, including tragedies, and sometimes that’s just the way life is. It isn’t fair and it isn’t pretty, and this was one of those cases.

Fast forward some decades… 

Olivia Plath and Kim Plath have always had their differences, but none involved baby Joshua until now. Olivia came in at a much later date than Joshua’s death and probably only discovered this once she was engaged to Ethan, she has never really said how she found out about the death of Joshua, only that she knew that it happened.

Ethan and Olivia met at a retreat held by Michael and Debi Perl of “To Train Up A Child” fame, the same book that has been credited with the deaths of several kids and their parenting techniques have come under fire in recent years, specifically “blanket training” which doesn’t appear to be all that safe, especially for curious toddlers.

Fast forward to 2022, and while Kim and Barry are still getting a divorce, visiting little Joshua’s grave together is one thing that they seem to agree upon. They agreed to put aside their differences and have the family get together for one day on little Joshua’s birthday in order to visit his graveside and remember him.

Even Ethan Plath was up for the idea, and he has not wanted to talk to Kim since news of the split between his parents, it’s clear to see whose side he will be on in the divorce. Normally, we could see this as a great opportunity and one where even though they disagree they could still get together as a family.

Then Olivia went and ruined all that. 

Once Olivia found out that Kim was going to be included in the graveside trip, she decided to dip and not even ride with Ethan to the cemetery. Instead she caught a ride with a crew member and did not even get out of the car, Ethan was understandably ticked off by this, telling her later that if he was rude to her all day that it was on her.

Olivia even admitted that she couldn’t get past her own issues with Kim in order to support Ethan at Joshua’s graveside, she was too caught up in her own experiences.

The general consensus on social media is that Olivia is the one in the wrong and should not have expected the family to exclude Kim from her own child’s grave because that would be sick. Kim isn’t dead, her and Barry are simply getting a divorce, that does not change the fact that they were once a family and had 10 kids together and still want to co-parent these children. Olivia, experiences or not, should have understood about that.

We get it, she has issues with Kim but she should have figured that Ethan and the rest of the family would have wanted to include Kim at the graveside. Joshua was not her child, he was Kim’s and he was Ethan’s sibling. So while we do feel bad that Olivia still has bad blood between her and Kim, it should not have mattered on this occassion. No wonder she high-tailed it to Europe! Stay tuned!!!