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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Ethan and Olivia Plath’s night out Update

…As single people. Instead of going out together, Ethan and Olivia Plath decided that they needed a night apart, so, they went out to different bars. Olivia went to this place that was “Sin” themed, honestly very appropriate for an ex-fundamentalist, and they even wrote their dirtiest confessions to stick on the bar wall.

Olivia’s friend, Bree, said that the first long-term relationship she was in she cheated on the guy with a rando at a music festival and she is apparently still in love with the second guy, but no word on whether or not they’re still together.

We’ll assume not, as she spoke in past tense. Olivia’s sin was not considered a sin by most people, but she decided to confess it anyway since it would be considered a sin by her parents and apparently they think that she’s going to hell.

Ethan and Olivia Plath’s night out

Olivia would steal her Mom’s phone at night, and being a young, curious teenager she would look up both naked girls and naked boys and then just follow the youtube rabbit holes of where that led. She educated herself and educated herself quite well, it’s no wonder she acts like she didn’t grow up in fundamentalism half the time because she may have been physically in, but she was mentally out for a very long time.

Hubby Ethan’s and even Micah and Moriah’s break with fundamentalism was much more recent, you could say that Ethan was still pretty indoctrinated up until S3 when he and Olivia started having all the marital problems… that’s when he seemed to start changing.

Olivia said that she was pretty sure that as far as cheating goes, she is pretty sure that she could trust Ethan. It’s not really Ethan that she needs to worry about, it’s other girls who are Ethan’s age and the fact that some will use his naivete to their advantage.

Guys aren’t the only ones who prey on innocent young girls (although more often than not it is gender flipped), a guy like Ethan is pretty vulnerable – even in a bar dedicated to gaming. He went to the Reboot Bar and Grill, I guess he figured he was safe there and it would be a bunch of pinball games with a side of beer.

When asked he said that he didn’t get into video games because the Plaths did not have technology growing up but he liked pinball games. What Olivia didn’t realize is that Ethan pulled a girl’s number completely unintentionally. He said that he knew it was a bad idea but in the name of avoiding conflict he didn’t say anything and just let her give it to him. Let’s hope he didn’t keep it, for his sake. Stay tuned!!!