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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Ethan and Olivia Plath NOT Out of the Woods Yet!

If we thought that Ethan and Olivia’s marital troubles were over, then… we were wrong. It would seem that now they’re having an issue over the fact that Ethan keeps all his cars in Cairo. We were under the impression that Ethan sold the cars when they moved to Tampa, but apparently that was not the case, Ethan simply stored them in a friend’s garage in Cairo and he goes up there for a couple of weeks every now and again to work on them.

Olivia said that she has offered to make contacts in Tampa at various garages and see if he could store his cars there, but so far… Ethan has declined.

Clearly, he wants one foot in Cairo at all times.

Olivia was triggered, you could tell when he said that he had to go up for a week or two and stay in Cairo. He says he doesn’t want his cars at a place where he’s just renting, but it would seem that the state that his marriage is in would warrant a compromise that would have him wanting all of his belongings with him in Tampa.

Ethan and Olivia Plath are not out of the woods yet

However, he says that it would be much cheaper if he just kept them in Cairo and restored them there. We got a preview of him revealing a newly restored classic vehicle next week, but what Olivia’s response to that is going to be will be anyone’s guess, considering how upset she got at the mere thought of Ethan going up to Cairo for a couple of weeks.

She says the reason why she gets upset is because she doesn’t feel that she can trust what happens in Cairo. She also says that Kim Plath has tried to split them up before and she is afraid of that happening, and also Ethan magically switching sides and going back to his family and leaving her out in the cold.

Honestly… that does seem to be a legitimate fear because he does want a relationship with his siblings, but the only way he would be able to really get that is if he dropped Olivia and went crawling back to Kim and Barry and lived exactly how they wanted him to live. So far, Ethan has not succumbed to that temptation – and from what we can see, it’s been a real temptation.

Olivia also says that Ethan has used the car as an excuse not to work on real problems in their marriage and that’s a problem. We do wonder though, aside from being extremely controlling, just how has Kim tried to split them up? Was Kim secretly trying to get Ethan a courtship with other girls while he was dating Olivia? What’s going on there? Guess we’ll have to stay tuned!!!