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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Kim and Barry Plath Move Toward Divorce!

In the fundamentalist lifestyle, this move is practically unheard of, but it looks like after 24 years of marriage, Kim and Barry are moving to end their marriage. As we all know, Kim Plath has not been happy for awhile, and she said it started seven months ago when she was left alone at home by herself with time to think while Barry had the kids. There’s speculation going around on social media that it’s a lot more than that, and usually, we’ve found that fundamentalists speak in very coded language.

If there was an actual catalyst, Kim is not going to say exactly what it was because that’s just not the way that that belief system allows you to talk. But where there’s smoke there’s fire and Kim keeps saying that Barry missed a lot of signals along the way.

Kim and Barry Plath move toward divorce

Barry said that he believes in second chances (now we see where Lydia gets it from), but Kim said that there has been second, third, and even fourth chances and he is not getting the signals. He did admit that he had taken her for granted, but admitting you did wrong and actually doing the action to make things right are two totally different things.

Barry said in his confessional that he’s sent flowers, and bought presents, even buying an entire dance studio for Kim was not enough to make her consider going back with him. So it would seem that something has to be incredibly wrong with this marriage, but here are the observations that we have noticed.

Kim and Barry, have never, at least on-screen, demonstrated a spark between them. There’s warmth there, a definite fondness, but there’s no passion, no desire, it’s very sanitized and it seems that whatever they had, at least passion-wise, is in the past.

Barry didn’t really elaborate on his dating history before Kim, but Kim said that before Barry she had at least four ex boyfriends and they all attended her wedding. Kim, at least in her former life, seems like the type to have wanted passion and desire – while we can’t really say the same for Barry because he’s never expressed as such. In fact he’s never really expressed wanting anything besides family life.

If Kim had any initial misgivings before she married Barry, then they’re all coming out now. It seems that she was able to suspend her disbelief long enough to bear him 10 children, like what his probable desire was, but once that was done and she realized that things between them were dead romantically, speculation says, that’s probably what finished killing off the marriage.

Since Kim and Barry have formally announced their decision to divorce, it doesn’t look like there’ll be any second chances – but we’ll have to see how the rest of this season plays out. Stay tuned!!!